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Marriage: Children:
  1. Willilam Phillip Critzer: Birth: 15 Feb 1869 in U.S.. Death: 22 Jan 1939 in Oklahoma, U.S.

  2. Louella Belle Critzer: Birth: 1870 in Kansas, U.S..

  3. Lilliam Critzer: Birth: 1871 in Kansas, U.S..

  4. John Allen Critzer: Birth: 1872 in Kansas, U.S..

  5. Frances Marion Critzer: Birth: 1874 in Kansas, U.S..

  6. Ella Jane Critzer: Birth: 1875 in Kansas, U.S.. Death: 1875 in Kansas, U.S.

  7. Henry W. Critzer: Birth: 1876 in Kansas, U.S.. Death: 1943 in Oklahoma, U.S.

  8. James Lafe Critzer: Birth: 1880 in Kansas, U.S..

  9. Thomas Jefferson Critzer: Birth: 12 Mar 1882 in Florence, Kansas, Marion Co., U.S.. Death: 1918 in Oklahoma, U.S.

  10. Jasper August Critzer: Birth: 27 Feb 1885 in Kansas, U.S.. Death: 1947

  11. Anna J. Critzer: Birth: 1886 in Kansas, U.S..

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