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Marriage: Children:
  1. John B. Todd: Birth: 15 Feb 1805 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: ABT 1871 in St Clair, Missouri, USA

  2. Elizabeth Todd: Birth: 30 Aug 1806 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 3 Nov 1874 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA

  3. Mary Jane Todd: Birth: 5 Aug 1808 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: 15 Aug 1892 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA

  4. James P Todd: Birth: 15 Feb 1810 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: 19 Dec 1875 in Dallas, St Clair, Missouri, USA

  5. Cynthia Todd: Birth: ABT 1811 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: in Cannon, Tennessee, USA

  6. Newton Harvey Todd: Birth: 1816 in Rutherford Co TN.

  7. Levi Douglass Todd: Birth: ABT 1819 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: ABT 1863 in Christiana, Rutherford, Tennessee, USA

  8. Alexander E. Todd: Birth: 1820 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: BEF 1870

  9. William M. Todd: Birth: ABT 1820 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: AFT 1880 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA

  10. Malvina Jane Todd: Birth: Feb 1822 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: ABT 1904 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA

  11. Caleb Washington Todd: Birth: Mar 1824 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: BET 1900 AND 1910 in Tennessee, USA

  12. Walker M. Todd: Birth: Apr 1827 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: ABT 1914 in Tennessee, USA

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a. Note:   e tax lists there 1803-1806. It appears that he came with his father Caleb Todd b 1751 and his step-mother Sarah Bentley Todd, as well as his brother Reuben and his step-brothers and sisters. After a few short years, he left Madison County and along with his uncle Benjamin b 1759 settled in the Cripple Creek area of Rutherford County, TN by 1809. William listed in the Silver Creek area of Madison County, KY in 1803, 1804, and 1806. 1803: 10002; one male over 21 and 2 horses. 1804: 10001; one male over 21 and one-horse. 1806: 10003; one male over 21 and three horses. "He disappears abt the same time as his uncle Benjamin 1759-1854 left Madison County, KY. His brother, Reuben, also left at this time. Wm Todd, decd, as follows: "Mar30, 1870, an inventory of the personal estate of W Todd, decd; goldmoney on hand $285.50, silver money on hand $18, greenback money on hand $220.45. A list of notes found in the possession of William Todd,decd: One note on Walker W Todd due Nov 7, 1859 with interest paid,$152.29. One note on C C Lowe and W P Jacobs due Nov 29, 1869, $50.One note on W P Jacobs and C C Lowe due Nov (?) 1869, $250. One note on Sam Rayburn and M P Norton due Jan 29, 1870, $170. Claims Doubtful:One note on William Todd Junior due Feb 17, 1852 for $125, with acredit of ten dollars, Sep 1, 1853. One note on J W Jernigan due Dec25, 1870 for $46.10. One note on John Compton and H H Clayton due Jan1, 1871 for $100. One note on W L Todd due Jan 22, 1871 and bearing interest from date of 13-Nov-1869 for $50. One note on J J Armstrong due Dec 25, 1866 for $30, with a credit of $21, Dec 11, 1888, balance of $9. One sow and pig, one anvil, one vice, and one screw plate.” Subscribed and sworn to Robert Carter, Admn, before me May 2, 1870, W S Daniel, Admn, and D Wilson, Clk. Account of sales of the personal property of the estate of William Todd, decd, at his late residence in Rutherford County. William Todd d. intestate and a dispute about the land division stayed in court for about ten years before it was settled. Land Grants:#2191, 50 acres on Aug 18, 1825, Rutherford County, Book 3 page 500, #10680,112 acres on Aug 30, 1831, Rutherford County, TN, Book 13 page 142, #18685,100 acres on Mar 13, 1848, Rutherford County, TN., Book 3 page 394. 1850 Rutherford County, TN Census shows William 62 GA and Jane 59 BookY. Some researchers have him b. in Rowan County, NC and others in Madison County, KY. Both Reuben and William stated in census records they were born in GA. Resided in Rutherford County, TN near Big Springs. Census: William 62GA, Jane 59 KY, Alexander 24 - RU CO HH# 791/609. Marriage bond of William Todd and Jane Douglass, both of Madison County, dated Jan 10, 1804 and signed by William Todd and William Glenn. Robert Elkins m. William and Jane. Previous historians thought that William and Reuben were sons of Mrs. Mary Todd 1762-1866 and therefore uncles to Walker Todd b 1822. Family Finder DNA in 2011 shows that Walker was related to William and Reuben but not so close as uncles to nephew. Though the Family Finder tests were somewhat contradictory, one of the Abel Todd tests showed brotherhood connection to both John Todd b 1770-80 and Reuben Todd b 1785. Edna Todd Lackie wrote in 1985 that she and Jean Douglas Van Meter went looking for William's grave. "I had searched for years with no success. Many old markers had fallen apart. Jean and I started digging around the front of some old ones and dug up enough pieces to put together just like a jigsaw puzzle and there they were, dates and names. It was so exciting for us. In the following fall, my brothers and sisters pooled enough money to make new markers for William, Jane, Levi, and Mary. We set them at their graves on top of the pieces from the old markers. Two hundred years from now, if someone starts digging, will they be surprised!" William was on the 1809/10/11 Rutherford County, TN tax records. He was a 1st Lt in War of 1812 and served in the 2nd RGT of the West Tonsillitis INF from 20-Sep-1814 until 20-Mar-1815. He enlisted under Col Alex Lowry and Cpt James Kincaid, and I have a copy of the CO Muster Roll for this time period. The National Archives in Washington has no record of a Full Pension Application. I have a copy of another document showing his "Cpt discharged him on 07-Dec-1815," for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which he may be entitled. The document was signed by William Todd and witnessed by Lewis Harrell,JP. Col Alexander Lowry and Lt Col Leroy Hammons, Designation, 2nd RGTWest TN Militia, Sep 1814/Apr 1815. Men mostly from Davidson, Warren, Humphreys, Lincoln, Maury, Robertson, Smith, Sumner, White, and Williamson Counties. Cpts: James Craig, Thomas Delaney, James Kincaid, John Looney, Gabriel Mastin, Asahel Rains, George Sarver, James Tubb,Thomas Wells, and Joseph N Williamson. Brief History: Part of GenNathaniel Taylor's brigade, this regiment was scattered throughout the Creek territory and the vicinity of Mobile to man the various forts in the region; Forts Jackson, Montgomery, Claiborne, and Pierce. Some of the companies participated in the taking of Pensacola (07-Nov-1814)from Spanish authorities that were accused by Jackson of supporting British troops there. Lowry resigned on 20-Nov-1814 and Lt Col Leroy Hammonds took over as commander. The regiment was plagued by disease during its tenure in the MS Territory. For example, a morning report of Cpt Asahel Rains on 06-Jan-1815 shows twenty-seven on the sick list and twenty-seven additional men required to take care of the sick (totaling half the company). ____________________________________________ Was a 1st Lieutenant in War of 1812, and served in the 2nd Regiment of the West Tennessee Militia from 20-Sep-1814 until 10-Apr-1815. He enlisted under Colonel Alex Lowry and Captain James Kincaid. ____________________________________________
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