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Marriage: Children:
  1. Benjamin Anderson Myres: Birth: 21 Nov 1820 in Kentucky, U.S.. Death: 1907

  2. Marietta Myres: Birth: 18 May 1822 in Kentucky, U.S.. Death: 30 Apr 1898 in Indiana, U.S.

  3. Thomas Sanford Myres: Birth: 18 Aug 1824 in Decatur Co., Indiana, U.S.. Death: in Indiana, U.S.

  4. William Evan Myres: Birth: 20 Jan 1827 in Decatur Co., Indiana, U.S.. Death: 11 Oct 1865

  5. John Laughlin Myres: Birth: 7 Mar 1832 in Decatur Co., Indiana, U.S.. Death: BET MAY 1910 AND 1920 in Indiana, Decatur Co., U.S.

  6. Margaret Myres: Birth: 11 Feb 1834 in Decatur Co., Indiana, U.S.. Death: 21 Nov 1912 in Clay Township, Indiana, Decatur Co., U.S.

  7. Editha Myres: Birth: 1836 in Indiana, U.S.. Death: 1911

a. Note:   e on the 1850 Census together with her two children John and Editha Myres. Editha's name is spelled Enditha on the 1850 Census. If you need more info please contact Lesley email: [email protected]
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