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Marriage: Children:
  1. Editha Todd: Birth: 10 Jun 1793 in Georgia, U.S.. Death: 2 Mar 1865 in Milford, Indiana, Decatur Co., U.S.

  2. Abel Albert Todd: Birth: 10 Feb 1795 in Georgia, U.S.. Death: 27 May 1858 in Franklin Township, Iowa, Washington Co., U.S.

  3. Sarah Bentley Todd: Birth: 27 Jan 1798 in Georgia, U.S.. Death: 16 Jan 1862 in Madison, Indiana, Jefferson Co., U.S.

  4. Samuel Bentley Todd: Birth: 26 Feb 1802 in Georgia, U.S.. Death: 27 Feb 1876 in Willow Hill, Illinois, Jasper Co., U.S.

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