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  1. William Scudder: Birth: 26 Jan 1795 in Richmond County, Georgia, USA. Death: 23 May 1858 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

a. Note:   m Scudder in Rowan County in 1783 and later moved to Wilkes County Georgia, settling not far from where Caleb Todd b 1751 had settled. However, there is disagreement as to the father of this Mary Todd. Some believe she is the daughter of Caleb Todd (including some Scudder family researchers) and some believe she is the sister of Caleb Todd. Those who believe she is the daughter of Caleb Todd do so because they believe that Caleb’s sister was the Mrs. Mary Todd 1762-1866 of Cannon County TN who was cited in the 1936 History of Woodbury and Cannon County as being the sister of Benjamin Todd 1759-1855, son of Benjamin Todd I b 1725. If Mrs. Mary Todd were the daughter of Benjamin Todd b 1725, then Mary Todd Scudder could not be the daughter of this Benjamin. Others look at the 32 year period between Caleb’s birth in 1751 and Mary’s marriage in 1783 and question whether it is likely for Caleb to have been 16 when Mary was born and Mary to have been 16 when she married William Scudder. This questioning leads to doubting the accuracy of the county history. Also, the children of Caleb appear to have been born between 1778 and 1802; some do not see a 14 year gap between Mary and Caleb’s other children being a likely situation. Furthermore, Mary Todd 1762-1866 appears on the 1850 and 1860 census of Cannon Co TN as having been born in NC in the 1760s. Yet the Todds didn't get to NC until the 1770s; so Mary 1762-1866 was not likely born a Todd. DNA evidence suggests that Walker Todd b 1822 grandson of Mrs. Mary Todd was more closely related to Benjamin Todd b 1759, suggesting that Benjamin Todd was his grandfather and hence Mary Todd 1762-1866 was not likely to have been his sister. William Scudder was listed on the 1790 tax list of Wilkes County, GA as one white male with 50 acres on Fishing Creek adjoining Joseph Herd and Lewis Davis. In the Minutes of Inferior Court 1799-1801 page 13, it is recorded that William Scudder was decd with Polly Scudder and Lewis C Davis appointed temporary Admns and Benjamin Todd (first cousin) and Roger Green, Security. In the Minutes of Inferior Court 1798-1811 page 129 07-Apr-1802, it is recorded that Lewis C Davis, Admns of William Scudder, decd, petitioned to sell real estate. In the Minutes of Inferior Court 1801-1803 page 89 (date not identified) it is recorded that Lewis C Davis, Admns of William Scudder, decd, was given permission to sell 50 acres of land adjoining said Davis and Druty Williams." On the tax lists of 1799-1807 in Madison County, KY was Isaac Scudder.Henry Scudder appeared on the tax list of 1802 in Madison County, KY. Abner Scudder m. Catherine Barclay/Barkley on 19-Aug-1789 in Rowan County, NC.. Marriage record of Mary Todd, which was provided by Yvonne Todd Gamblin of OK. The date on this record is 22nd day of Feb 1783 Marriages to William Scudder, and marriage bond recorded in Book 22 page 1684. There is a copy of another document, with the legible part as Dec 10,1799: "Citation granted unto Lewis C Davis and Polly Scudder to obtain Letters of Admns on the estate of William Scudder, decd. On Feb 24,1800, this Honorable Court, State of GA, Wilkes County, ordered that Letters of Admns be given to Polly (Mary) Scudder and Lewis C Davis.(Parts of this document are not legible). On the 29th of Aug 1800,State of GA, Wilkes County: Know all men by these present that we, Polly Scudder, Lewis C Davis, Benjamin Todd, and Roger Green are held and firmly bound unto their Honors, the Judges of the Court of Ordinary for said county, etc." This document was the inventory and condition of the obligation on William Scudder's estate, to sell goods and chattels of William Scudder. Benjamin Todd, Lewis C Davis, and Caleb Todd bought back part of this estate. So William Scudder died before Dec10, 1799 and his wife, Polly, was alive on 29-Aug-1800 in GA. She left GA and went to Madison County, KY. Mary Todd Scudder was reported to have appeared in Madison County KY on 02-Oct-1807 along with Isaac Scudder.
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