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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Todd: Birth: 1780 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

  2. Benjamin Todd: Birth: 7 Jan 1781 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

  3. William Todd: Birth: ABT 1782 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

  4. Berry Todd: Birth: ABT 1783 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

  5. Joseph C. Todd: Birth: ABT 1784 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

  6. Thomas Todd: Birth: 1792 in Rowan Co NC.

  7. Caleb Todd: Birth: 1794.

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1. Title:   North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741-2004
Page:   Database online. Data Source: North Carolina State Archives.
Publication:   Name: Operations Inc; Location: Provo, UT, USA; Date:2007;

a. Note:   o Rowan Co with his parents in 1770. He served in the Revolutionary War and drew a pension for his service. He married Mary Berry in 1779 during the War. He was active in the Jersey Baptist Meeting House. He was dismissed from the congregation in 1796 and shortly thereafter he moved to Madison Couny KY where he settled on Muddy Creek along with his father and siblings and cousins. He died in Madison County in 1842. Notes and Documentation: Joseph Todd in 1810 census was listd with 5 sons: 2 born 1784-1794 who we take to be Caleb Todd b 1794 and Thomas b 1792. 1 born 1794-1800 2 born 1800-1810 one of which we take to be Levi Todd His older children married before 1810 and hence would not be enumerated with him: Benjamin b 1781 md 1806 William md 1809 Berry md 1805 Joseph md 1804 Abstracts of Rev War Pension Files 3511: "Joseph, NC Line, Mary,W3055. Soldier m. Mary Barry (or Berry). Lawrence Snap signed marriage bond with sol on 3-May-1779 in Rowan County, NC and stated sol had lived in Rowan County, NC at enlistment. Soldier applied 13-Aug-1832in Madison County, KY. Soldier d. 30-Dec-1842. Soldier's wife, Mary, was b 12-Nov-1760. Widow applied 12-Dec-1844 in Madison County, KY.Soldier and wife had a son, Benjamin Todd b 7-Jan-1781 and another older son died when he was young." Guard at Salisbury Dist Gaol, Rowan County, NC 1778. Witnessed the will of Robert Barkley on 05-Dec-1786 at Rowan County, NC. Joseph Todd Jr was on the 1784 and 1790 tax lists of Rowan County, NC with 3M under 16. Jersey Baptist Meetinghouse, Davidson County, NC Record MF#0313896,submitted by Betty I Silfies (Vol 1) 1784-1852: "This appears to be typewritten copy of the original record book." The Church of Christ at the Jersey settlement house was constituted Oct 16th day 1784. ByWilliam Hill, on the members, Drury Sims, Abraham Lewis, Joseph Todd(son of Benjamin and Sarah) Thomas Adams, James Owen, Joseph Cox, William Denham, Robert McKey, Hannah Beard, Mary Miller, Elizabeth Cox, Easter Lewis, Anney Todd, and Mary Smith. This day of Nov, Church met according to appointment and aft prayer, Joseph Todd was chosen as Elder, and Abraham Lewis, Deacon. Meeting dismissed by prayer. Sep 24th 1785, church met and aft prayer opened adore for experience. Thomas Smith, John Green, Jeremiah Green, Mary Green, and Hannah Todd were receiv'd by experience. Church dismist by prayer. (Anney Todd became Conrad Cornelison's wife. Abraham Lewis m.Easter Todd, Oct 24th 1787, Joseph Cox and Elizabeth Cox dismist. Apr 26th 1788, Sary Todd receiv'd by experience. Jan 13th 1789, Abraham Lewis appointed to go and talk to (?). Apr 30th 1791, church met and aft prayer opened a dore for experience and Joseph Todd Daniel McGuire, and Caleb Campbell offered and was receiv'd by experience. Jul 3rd 1791, Caleb Campbell, Joseph Todd Daniel McGuire, and Mary Richardson were baptized. Jun 16th 1792, Mary Todd was receiv'd by experience. Aug 3rd 1793,Margaret Todd receiv'd by experience. Dec 6th 1794, church met and aft prayer opened a dore for experience. Conrad Cornelison and his wife receiv'd by letter. Aft prayer, dismist. Aug 1st 1795, Abraham Luis, his wife, and Hannah Todd dismist by letter. Sep 5th 1795, Bro Luis, his wife, Sis Hannah Todd, and Sis Davis dismist by letter. Aug 6th 1796, Bro Joseph Todd and his wife make application for a Letter of Dismission. Bro Joshua Pain and his wife make application for a Letter of Dismission. Sis Margaret Todd makes application for Letter of Dismission. It is granted and Bro Durham is appointed to write the letters. Mar 4th 1797, Joshua Conger appointed to have 'Charge of the Records' of the Church. At the end of the book, a list of "Members of Jersey Baptist Meetinghouse (partial list only); Abraham Luis dismist, Joseph Todd dismist Joseph Cox dismist, Joseph Todd dismist 1796, Conrad Cornelison dismist Sep 15th1798, and Joshua Conger dismist 1809." Joseph was on the 1790 Rowan County, NC Census, Salisbury Dist, with1M o 16, 3M u 16, and 2 Free White Females. Joseph was on the tax records of Madison County, KY 1801-1809. KY Document: "Whereas Joseph Todd on the 4th day of Oct 1808,purchased of Samuel Estill, twenty acres of land lying on Muddy Creek for which said Estill gave his bond to said Todd, which bond said,Todd has assigned Anderson Reed, and as doubts have been entertained about said Todd's wife having a right to Dower (?) therein. This is therefore to make known that I, Mary Todd, do relinquish all my rights of Dower to said Reed in and to said land. Given under my hand and seal this 26th of Jun 1819, State of Kentucky, Madison County."
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