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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Jemima Todd: Birth: 28 May 1844.

  2. Rhoda "Rhody" Elizabeth Todd: Birth: 28 Nov 1845 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 13 Apr 1922 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA

  3. Jenny Louise Todd: Birth: 23 Jul 1847.

  4. Margaret Emeline Todd: Birth: 4 Mar 1849 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 12 Nov 1922 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA

  5. Martha Emeline Todd: Birth: 26 Sep 1850 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 1 May 1912 in Hindsville, Madison, Arkansas, USA

  6. Jesse Benjamin Todd: Birth: 1 Apr 1852 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 11 Jul 1859 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA

  7. William Porter Todd: Birth: 1854.

  8. James Asa Todd: Birth: Feb 1859 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: in Florida, USA

  9. Nancy Angeline Todd: Birth: 26 Apr 1860 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 18 Feb 1935 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA

  10. Sarah I. Todd: Birth: 5 Nov 1863 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 17 Apr 1875 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA

a. Note:   Asa Todd was born in 1817, son to Jemima Todd and grandson of Benjamin Todd b 1759. A family tradition had earlier reported that Asa Todd was the brother to Walker Todd b 1822 and Jefferson Todd b 1814, and that Walker’s mother (and therefore Asa's) was Elizabeth. However, census records indicate that Asa Todd was son of Jemima Todd who married Alexander Espy two decades after Asa’s birth and then married Hollis Cooper in 1859. A recently discovered court ordered land sale listed the living children of Benjamin Todd b 1759 and included Jemima Espy in that list. Though we don’t know Asa Todd’s father, he indicated that in the 1880 and 1900 census that his father was born in Tennessee. He moved to Cannon County about 1842 and settled near where his step-father Alexander Espy had gotten a grant in the 1830s along Dug Hollow of Brawley's Fork. A letter from Asa Todd to Sarah Cornelison 06-Mar-1843, Benjamin Todd Pension papers from 04-Sep- 1813 to 04-Mar-1844, and some Confederate money were found in a drawer of a secretary purchased by Mr. Tom Patton, h/o Cora Todd. Estate of Asa Todd submitted Jul 2 1907, B F Wood, Clk, and W P Todd, Admns. State of TN, Mar 6, 1843 Coffee County: "Dear Mrs. Sarah Ann Cornelison, I received your letter some time in the fall which gave me much satisfaction. I am well at present for which I have great reasons to be thankful. And I hope when these few lines come by hand they may find you enjoying the same blessings. I have wrote two letters bef this time but have not had the opportunity that I wished to send by before. I hope you have not forgot me yet. I should have been there bef now but is has been out of my power. I beg to be excused. I have to go to the south this spring and if nothing happens more than I expect, I will come out to your house in four or five weeks and then we can make our arrangements to soot ourselves. As I reckon the old people will not get any better reconcilers. If we was to let them (?) longer when I come, there shall not (?) because I don't expect to pester them anymore at home. If you have the opportunity to write to me bef I come, do so, as I would be glad to hear from you. The last account of word from you bef this time I understood that you was abt marrying to no one at present but remain yours until death. My pen is bad. My ink is pale. My love with you shall never fail. Mr. Davidson Todd wishing you much joy." Mr. Asa Todd to Mrs. Sarah Ann Cornelison. Regarding statement of Mr. Davidson Todd wishing you much joy, was this the Davidson Todd who m. Orlena Cornelison, and related to Sarah Cornelison? Land Grant #25245, 2 ¼ acres on Feb 11, 1862 in Cannon County, TN BK 10/518, and 542 acres in Cannon County in 1873. Asa Todd enumerated on 1850 Cannon County, TN Census, age 32, Sarah A 32, Mary G 6, Rhody E 4, Louisa J 3, Margaret M 1, and a Malinda Moore 18, living in this household. 1860 census has Asa 42, Sarah 42, Mary 16, Rhoda 14, Louiza 12, Margaret 11, Martha 10, William 6, James 2, and Nancy 1/12 months. Todd Cemetery (#2) Beech Grove Quadrangle, Cannon County, TN is 1 ½ miles southeast of Donnel Chapel. Asa d. from a heart attack. After Asa's death in 1904, his land (between Bradyville Pike and Beech Grove Road) was divided into six tracts, which were purchased by the following: Tract 1 $1652.50 W F Dickens (could be William Forest Dickins, s/o Freeland Fielding Dickins and Mary Jane Prater, and m. Sallie Hoover) Tract 2 $1817.50 W B Inglis (William Ballen Inglis m. to dau, Nancy Angeline Todd) Tract 3 $2301 J F McNabb (John F m. to dau, Jenny Louisa Todd) Tract 4 $2675 A J Jernigan (could be Andrew Jessie Jernigan who m. Rebecca Jane Todd, d/o James Pinkney and Cynthia Todd) Tract 5 $2300 W P Todd (son William Porter m. Margaret Vassar) and Tract 6 $1803 W P Todd.” is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.