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A. Kendall Todd: Birth: ABT 1846 in Kentucky, USA.
Aaron "Colonel" Todd: Birth: 22 Apr 1874. Death: 16 Jan 1957 in Rutherford Co TN
Aaron 'Captain' Todd: Birth: 27 Aug 1784 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: BEF 1 Aug 1859 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA
Aaron Floyd Todd: Birth: 23 Apr 1919. Death: 8 Sep 1996 in Rutherford Co TN
Aaron R. Todd: Birth: 14 May 1837 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA. Death: 13 Sep 1899 in Cedar, Missouri, USA
Aaron Wesley Todd: Birth: 30 May 1927. Death: 9 Dec 2011
Aaron Todd: Birth: 28 Apr 1765 in Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: AFT 1803
Aaron Todd: Birth: ABT 1854.
Aaron Todd: Birth: ABT 1805 in St Louis District, Louisiana Territory. Death: 1838 in St Louis County, MO
Abel Albert Todd: Birth: 10 Feb 1795 in Georgia, U.S.. Death: 27 May 1858 in Franklin Township, Iowa, Washington Co., U.S.
Abel D. Todd: Birth: May 1850 in Iowa, U.S.. Death: 14 Mar 1880 in Keokuk Co., Iowa, U.S.
Abner Newton Todd: Birth: 24 Mar 1859 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 13 Oct 1904 in Garland, Dallas, Texas, USA
Abner Simmons Todd: Birth: ABT 1837 in Tennessee, USA. Death: BET 1857 AND 1858 in Tennessee, USA
ADA ADELLA TODD: Birth: 16 Dec 1898 in Blount County, Alabama. Death: 30 Aug 1995 in Blount County, Alabama
ADA MAE TODD: Birth: 20 Aug 1908 in Holly Pond, Cullman County, Alabama. Death: 15 Apr 1956 in Jefferson County, Alabama
Ada May Todd: Birth: 18 Aug 1897 in Fair Play, Polk, Missouri, USA. Death: 8 Oct 1932
Adenia F. Todd: Birth: 1820 in TN.
Albert B. Todd: Birth: ABT 1839 in Kentucky, USA. Death: 15 Aug 1878
Albert H. Todd: Birth: 7 Aug 1840.
Albert Jackson Todd: Birth: ABT 1861 in Iowa, U.S..
Albert Todd: Birth: 21 May 1884 in Bickles Cove, Stone, Arkansas, USA. Death: 1957 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma, USA
Alex J. Todd: Birth: 1895 in Cannon County, TN.
Alexander E. Todd: Birth: 1820 in Rutherford, Tennessee, USA. Death: BEF 1870
Alexander Frazier Todd: Birth: 1814.
Alexander J. Todd: Birth: 16 Jun 1842 in Milford, Indiana, Decatur Co., U.S.. Death: 25 May 1904 in Bedford, Indiana, Lawrence Co., U.S.
Alexander Reed Todd: Birth: 17 Mar 1833.
Alice E Todd: Birth: 1853.
Alice E. Todd: Birth: 1866 in Princeton, Colusa, CA.
Alice Laura Todd: Birth: 14 Aug 1872 in Iowa, U.S.. Death: 10 Nov 1966 in Redwood City, California, San Mateo Co., U.S.
Allen Jackson Todd: Birth: 4 Feb 1843 in Putnam, Georgia, USA. Death: 3 Feb 1929
Allie D. Todd: Birth: 1847 in Cannon Co TN.
ALMEDA E. TODD: Birth: 17 Mar 1884 in Blount County, Alabama. Death: 19 May 1958 in Blount County, Alabama
Almerinda Melissa Todd: Birth: ABT 1838 in Tennessee, USA.
Aludore Todd: Birth: 1857 in Cannon Co TN.
Amanda Catherine Todd: Birth: 1 Apr 1846 in St Clair, Missouri, USA. Death: 1924
Amanda L. Todd: Birth: ABT 1849.
Amanda Todd: Birth: 12 Apr 1832.
Amanda Todd: Birth: 2 May 1834 in Milford, Indiana, Decatur Co., U.S.. Death: 27 Feb 1865 in Jasper Co., Illinois, U.S.
Amos Todd: Birth: 1859 in Keokuk Co., Iowa, U.S..
Andrew D. Todd: Birth: 21 Apr 1834.
Andrew F. Todd: Birth: 19 Apr 1880.
Andrew J Todd: Birth: 4 Sep 1852 in Madison, Kentucky, USA.
ANDREW JACKSON "JACK" TODD: Birth: 26 Dec 1855 in Randolph County, Alabama. Death: 1 Jan 1936 in Blount County, Alabama
Andrew Jackson Todd: Birth: 19 May 1842 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA. Death: 27 Aug 1921 in Barry, Missouri, USA
Andrew Jackson Todd: Birth: 29 Nov 1860. Death: 14 Dec 1934 in Rutherford Co TN
Aneste Caroline Todd: Birth: 1845 in SC.
Anise Todd: Birth: 13 Jul 1869.
Ann E. Todd: Birth: 1836 in Cannon County, TN.
Ann Marie Todd: Birth: 16 Feb 1832.
Ann Todd: Birth: ABT 1899 in Missouri, USA. Death: ABT 1899 in Missouri, USA
Ann Todd: Birth: ABT 1855.
Ann Todd: Birth: 28 Sep 1806.
Anna 'Annie' Todd: Birth: 1820.
Anna Todd: Birth: 24 Oct 1790 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 7 Mar 1857 in De Kalb County, Missouri, USA
ANNA TODD: Birth: 7 Jan 1882. Death: 21 Nov 1961
Annie May Todd: Birth: 13 Oct 1912. Death: Jul 2003 in Texas, USA
Annie Todd: Birth: Mar 1882 in KY.
Archibald Jasper Todd: Birth: 8 Mar 1861 in Bradyville, Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 19 Aug 1948 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA
Archibald Owen Todd: Birth: 6 Oct 1907 in Stone, Arkansas, USA. Death: 1991 in Porum, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA
Archie Mack Todd: Birth: 15 Nov 1910 in Tennessee, USA. Death: 30 Apr 1989 in Readyville, Cannon, Tennessee, USA
Arlie Todd: Birth: 8 Nov 1915 in Stockton, Cedar, Missouri, USA. Death: 8 Feb 2003 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA
Arnie "Pete" Todd: Birth: 4 Mar 1918 in Byars, McClain, Oklahoma, USA. Death: 9 Aug 1994 in Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas, USA
Arthur Washington Todd: Birth: 22 Nov 1886 in Alabama, United States. Death: 23 Feb 1960 in Albertville, Marshall, Alabama, United States
Arthusa or Ursula Parthenia Todd: Birth: 1842. Death: 1929
Asa Benjamin Todd: Birth: 8 Mar 1866 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA. Death: 8 Aug 1924 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA
Asa C. Todd: Birth: 3 Apr 1797.
Asa Carl Todd: Birth: 29 Feb 1916 in Tennessee, USA. Death: 10 Apr 1990 in Livonia, Wayne, Michigan, USA
Asa Todd: Birth: ABT 1867.
Asa Todd: Birth: 24 Oct 1817 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 24 May 1904 in Cannon, Tennessee, USA
Autie Bell Todd: Birth: 11 May 1895.
Baby Girl Todd: Birth: ABT 1879 in Tennessee, USA.
Baxter Todd: Birth: 1813 in Madison, Kentucky, USA.
Bazil Todd: Birth: 1852.
Bedford Todd: Birth: 11 Dec 1916. Death: 1 Aug 1970 in Rutherford Co TN
Belle Zona Todd: Birth: 6 Jun 1872 in Barry, Missouri, USA. Death: 27 Jun 1911
BENJAMIN ALLEN "BEN" TODD: Birth: 24 Jun 1867 in Blount County, Alabama. Death: 14 Feb 1960 in Etowah County, Alabama
Benjamin Allen Todd: Birth: 1817 in Georgia, USA. Death: Jan 1843 in Putnam, Georgia, USA
Benjamin Benton Todd: Birth: 10 Apr 1922 in Tennessee, USA. Death: 28 Apr 1996 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA
Benjamin F Todd: Birth: 1840. Death: 19 Nov 1912
BENJAMIN F. TODD: Birth: ABT 1843.
Benjamin Franklin Todd: Birth: 29 Jul 1839 in Milford, Decatur Co., Indiana, U.S.. Death: 8 May 1886 in Sidney, Freemont Co. ,Iowa, , U.S.
Benjamin Franklin Todd: Birth: 1839 in Georgia, USA.
BENJAMIN G. TODD: Birth: ABT 1800 in Wilkes County, Georgia. Death: 1870 in Randolph County, Alabama?
Benjamin L Todd: Birth: May 1881 in Georgia, United States.
Benjamin Todd: Birth: 1721/1731 in Prob. Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: BET 1817 AND 1820 in Boonesborough, Madison, Kentucky, USA
Benjamin Todd: Birth: 17 Aug 1759 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 24 Jan 1854 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA
Benjamin Todd: Birth: BET 1785 AND 1787 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: AFT 1876 in Sheridan, Crittenden County, Kentucky, USA
Benjamin Todd: Birth: 1771 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania or Rowan County, North Carolina. Death: AFT 1860 in Montgomery County, Illinois, USA
Benjamin Todd: Birth: 1645 in Eling, Southamptonshire, England.
Benjamin Todd: Birth: 7 Jan 1781 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.
Benjamin Todd: Birth: 11 Jun 1813.
Benjamin Todd: Birth: 1849 in Missouri, USA.
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