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  1. Robert 'Robbin' Todd: Birth: 1784 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 29 Jun 1859 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA

  2. Female Todd: Birth: ABT 1786 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA.

  3. Sally Todd: Birth: 1790 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: AFT 1857 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA

  4. Mary Todd: Birth: ABT 1797 in North Carolina or Kentucky, USA.

  5. Jemima Todd: Birth: 1800 in Kentucky.

  6. Lucinda Todd: Birth: 16 Aug 1809 in Prob. Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA. Death: 5 Mar 1879

  7. Malinda Todd: Birth: 1810 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA. Death: AFT 1851

  8. Benjamin Todd: Birth: BET 1785 AND 1787 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: AFT 1876 in Sheridan, Crittenden County, Kentucky, USA

  9. Leah Todd

Marriage: Children:
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a. Note:   . He came to Rowan County as a young boy with his parents about 1770. He served in the Revolutionary War as described in his pension application below. At the end of the War, he married Margaret Barclay in Rowan Co in 1783. He (or his father) entered 200 acres on Lick Creek on December 29, 1778 and grant a grant for it in 1786 and sold it in 1796. Benjamin got a grant on Second Creek of the Uwaharrie River in 1792 and sold it in 1795. This was just south of where his brother Caleb Todd owned land on Tom's Creek. In the late 1790s (abt 1797), he migrated with his siblings and his father to Madison Co KY where he lived for about 10 years. In 1806, he and his wife Margaret sold land on Drowning Creek in Madison County and then they migrated with his nephews and other kin to Rutherford Co TN settling in the Big Springs area SE of Murfreesboro. By 1809, he was on the tax list for Rutherford Co. He obtained a 30 acre grant and then an 80 acre grant at the west end of Todd Hollow north of Big Spring. This land lay just south of the lands that his nephews Aaron and Reuben had obtained. He also obtained a 50 acre grant along Cripple Creek just north of the lands of his nephew William Todd at the east end of Todd Hollow. He served in the War of 1812, destroying the towns of Cherokee Indians. He died at the advanced age of 96 in 1855 in Rutherford County. Notes and Documentation: Census Records 1790: Benjamin II is on 1790 Federal Census of Rowan County, NC. Benjamin I is on 1784 and 1790 tax lists of Rowan County, NC. Benjamin II on 1790tax list of Rowan County, NC. Benjamin II on 1790 Salisbury Dist of Rowan County, NC Census: 1M o 16, 3M u 16, and 3 Free White Females.Children, Robert, Benjamin III, and Sally listed in Peter's Bible record. 1810 - Rutherford County, TN Census 1810 P/23 - Benjamin Todd: 1M o 45(Benjamin II b. 1759 d. 1854), 1M 16/26 (Robert), 1F over 45 (Margaret Barkley Todd), 3F 10/16 and 2F under 10. Benjamin Todd and Benjamin Todd Jr were on the 1811 tax list of Rutherford County, TN. This BenjaminTodd and Benjamin Todd Jr are actually Benjamin Todd, II and his son,Benjamin Todd, III. Benjamin and Margaret Barkley Todd's children: 1790 Rowan County Census: 1 male over 16 Benjamin II Todd (father). 1 male under 16 Robert ca 1784 (6) (son). 1 male under 16 Benjamin III ca 1785 (7) (son) m. 1808 - gone by 1810census. 1 male under 16 unknown (2) (son) m. ca 1810 - gone by 1810census. And 3 Free White Females: 1 female Margaret (mother). 1 female Unknown ca 1786 - prob married and gone by 1810 census. 1 female Sallie 1790 - m. 1808 - gone by 1810 census. 1810 Rutherford County, TN Census: 1 male over 45 Benjamin II (father). 1 male 16/26 Robert ca 1784 - m. 1811, only male at home in 1810. 1 female over 45 Margaret (mother). 1 female 10/16 Unknown b. ca 1797. 1 female 10/16 Unknown b. ca 1798. 1 female 10/16 Unknown b. ca 1799. 1 female under 10 Lucinda b. 1809 ?. 1 female under 10 Malinda b. 1810. ? Church Records 21-Aug-1819,Benjamin Todd and Peggy Todd (Margaret) received by letter in the West Fork Church of Stones River, to become Garrison Fork Church, noted by Edna Todd Lackie. Land Records 146: Book 11 p 107 25 Oct 1786. State Grant#1279 to Benjamin Todd, 200 Ac on Lick Creek adj Michael Ritters 148: Book 11, p 108 25 Oct 1786 State Grant #1180 to Benjamin Todd 150 acre on Lick Creek 1115: Book 12, p 55 1789 Benjamin (B) Todd to John Yont..150 acre on Lick Creek where Thomas Williams formerly lived. Wit: Thomas (T) Todd, Prvd by Thos Todd at May ct 1790 2991: Book 14, p 539. 1 Apr 1796 Benjamin Todd to Hardiman Davis..200 ac on Lick Creek adj Michale Ritter. Wit: Joseph Todd, William Todd, Peter Todd, Prvd by Joseph Todd at Aug Ct 1796 1965: Book 13, p 259 9 Aug 1792 George Riley to Benjamin Todd..200 ac of Second Creek of Hewary (Uwharrie River) adj the Randolph Co line and John Arnold Esq. Wit: Peter Todd, Thomas McCartney 2812: Book 14, p 312. 1 Aug 1795. Benjamin Todd to Benjamin Morris..200 acres on Second Creek of Huary &Uwharrie River) adj the Randolph Co line and John Aranold. Wit: Daniel Merritt Book 17/327: 02-Oct-1797, Robert and Walter Barkley of the State of KY, lets Thomas Durham of Rowan County, NC have 200 acres (including the plantation upon which Robert Barkley Sr formerly lived), next to John Davis and Israel Cox. Also, 185 acres on same waters of Richard’s Creek next to Benjamin Todd, Thomas Adams, said Barkley, Caleb Campbell, and George Fezer. In all, 385 acres for 250 pounds. Witnessed by Samuel Barclay (bro) and Daniel Hoffman, and proved by the latter in May 1800. (Robert Barkley Sr got land from Henry 'Husta'McCulloch on May 28, 1765 and the other was a state grant to him onMay 18, 1787). Madison County, KY Deed: 03-Nov-1806 Todd to Henderson, Deed BookF page 269,270, LDS #1083287 (Vol F-G) 1805/10: Benjamin Todd and wife, Margaret, sell tract of land in Madison County lying on the waters of Drowning Creek to Abraham and Anna Henderson. Testators were Benjamin Todd, Peter Todd,Margaret Todd, Joseph Todd, and William Todd. Benjamin was listed on the tax records 1797-1806 with 80 acres in 1804. TN Land Grants has a Benjamin Todd with 83 acres in Franklin County in 1816, 30 acres in Rutherford County in 1818 and 50 acres in Rutherford County in 1826. Benjamin Todd Grant #4348, 50 acres on Nov 7, 1826 in Rutherford County, TN. Probate Records Benjamin witnessed the wills of John Green 20-Apr-1781 and Thomas McCartney 03-Apr-1785, and was executor of Robert Barkley's will 05-Dec-1786, as was Peter Todd, in Rowan County, NC. 1854 - State of TN, Rutherford County Court Feb/Jun 1854: "To Fielden Todd and Asa Todd, citizens of Rutherford County, appearing to the county court now in session that Benjamin Todd has died leaving no will and the court being satisfied as to your claim to the administration, and you having given bonds and qualified as directed by law, and the court having ordered that Letters of Administration be issued to you. Those are therefore to authorize and empower you to take into your possession and control, all the goods, claims, and papers of said estate intestate and return a true and perfect inventory thereof to our County Court in 90 days, to collect and pay all debts, and transact all the duties in relation to said estate, which lawfully devotive in you as admns, and aft having settled said estate, to deliver the residue thereof to whom are by law instilled."Wit: John Woods, Clk of said Court at Office, this 11th day of Feb1854 and 78th year of Admission Independence. Record Book 17: Feb 1854,Fielden Todd and Asa Todd were appointed admns of estate of Benjamin Todd who had died intestate. On 02-Feb-1854 an estate sale was held for his personal property. Buyers included Margaret, Anderson, Reuben, Holden, Hiram, Robin, Pinkney, William, Harris, Harrison, Benjamin,Asa, and Fielden Todd. From: Minute Book of Chancery Court B page 385 to 386 Robin Todd and others Heirs and Administrators of Benjamin Todd decd. Benjamin Todd and others Heirs of Said Benjamin Todd deceased. Be it remembered that on this 28th day of April 1854 this cause was heard before Chancellor Ridley, presiding at Murfreesboro .. It appeared to the Court that Benjamin Todd lately died intestate in Rutherford County and Complaintants Robin Todd, Sally Todd, Margaret Lusk, Jemima Espy, and Defendants Benjamin Todd and Mary Lusk ...the only surviving children of the said Benjamin Todd deceased . It appeared that the defendants Levi Medford, Jonathan Medford, Andrew Medford, ____ Ables and his wife Margaret Ables and Polly Waters are the only children of Leah Medford decd, who was one of the children of said Benjamin Todd deceased. It appeared to the Court that Complaintants Fielden Todd and Asa Todd have been regularly appointed the Administrators of the estate of said intestate. (Benjamin owned a tract of 143 acres bounded on the north by John McCrary, on the east by John McCrary and William Todd, on the south by lands of William Todd and on the west by the lands of Samuel McCrary. was unsusceptible of a division between the heirs and it should be sold.. This document does not mention Lucinda Todd b 1809 who had married Abner Summers in 1844 and Malinda Todd b 1810 who had married James Wright 1848; so it is not clear how either could be a daughter of Benjamin, given the above suit and given that Lucinda was definitely still alive. We have not found Margaret Lusk in Texas. So it is not clear if there enough girls in the 1810 census for there to be a daughter who had Jefferson Todd out-of-wedlock. Also, Caleb Todd is not reflected in either the 1830 or the 1810 census; so we have not included him as a son of Benjamin despite Nannie Polk's reference to a Caleb Todd. Military Service Abstracts of Rev War Pension Files 3511:S1597 National Archives Trust Fund, Washington, DC states: "Benjamin Todd was born in Northampton County in the State of PA in the year of 1759.Feb 20, 1759 is a guess of his accurate birth date. He went to the town of Salisbury, the County of Rowan, in the State of NC. He moved from there to Madison County, in the State of KY. He lived there for10 years and then went to Rutherford County in the State of TN where he lived the rest of his days. I think he d. in 1854. He had a sister, Mary, and a bro, Peter." A Brief in the case of Benjamin Todd, Act of 7th Jun 1832: "Was the declaration made before a court or a Judge? Ans. Court. If before a Judge does it appear that the applicant is disabled by bodily infirmity? NotAnswered. How old is he? Ans. 73. State his service as directed in the form annexed. Ans. In 1777 2 months, in 1778 2 months, 1 month, and 3months, rank of Pvt. Names of Generals and Field Officers under whom he served? Ans. Cpts (?) Davis and Corley, and Cols Jack and Grimes.In what battles was he engaged? Ans. None. Where did he reside when he entered the service? Ans. Rowan County, NC. Is his statement supported by living witnesses, by documentary proof, by traditional evidences, by incidental evidence, or by the rolls? Ans. Traditionary evidences.Are papers defective as to form or authentication, and if so, in what respect?" Could not read the answer, but looks like, not connected as the regulations given. Signed by Dyer Custor, Examining Clk. 22.201 West TN, Benjamin Todd of Rutherford County,TN was a Pvt in the company commanded by Cpt Davis. This was a pay voucher for $80. No. 20038, Benjamin Todd, W T Rutherford from 1777,Pvt 8 months, pay voucher for $26.66. 1814 - "Know all men by those present that I, Benjamin Todd of Rutherford County, State of TN, a Pensioner of the United States, do hereby constitute and appoint Jerrimiah Doughters my true and lawful attorney, for me and in my name, to receive from the Agent of the United States for paying pensions in Nashville, State of TN, my pension from the 4th day of Sep 1813 to the 4th day of Mar 814.Witness my hand and seal this 26th day of Mar 1814." He made his mark with the x. I am not sure which Benjamin Todd the following record pertains to: 1837/8 - Todd, Benjamin, Cherry's Company, Pvt, Card #886731D and#8867416, stamped May 13, 1891 states he was a Pvt in Cpt Cherry’s Company (Spies), Lauderdale's BATTN TN MTD INF, Cherokee War. COMuster-In Roll Oct 31, 1837 and Muster-Out Roll May 1838. Clothing account due soldier, $35. HISTORICAL FACTS OF NORTH CAROLINA MILITIA CONCERNING BENJAMIN TODD: I. In the summer of 1776, Griffith Rutherford, with more than two thousand NC men, marched into Cherokee country and destroyed thirty-six of their towns and gave a crushing defeat to the Indians.Ans. Griffith Rutherford might be the Gen Rutherford that Benjamin Todd is referring to. II. More than one thousand NC soldiers were Washington's army during the terrible winter at Valley Forge in 1777 and 1778. These troops fought bravely at Brandyvine and Germantown, suffered at Valley Forge and helped fight the British in NJ in 1778. Ans. I do not know if Benjamin Todd was among these soldiers, as we do not have his company’s number nor do we know the number of the soldiers at Valley Forge. III. The Loyalists were active at Ramsour's Mill, Elizabethtown, and many other places, where sharp fighting between Loyalists and Patriots took place. In most of these fights, the Patriots were victorious. The people of Charlotte worried the British so much that this section was called the Hornet's Nest of the Revolution. Tarleton, one of Cornwallis' ablest officers, wrote that Mecklenburg and Rowan Counties were "more hostile to England than any others in America." Ans.Benjamin Todd stated in his second tour in 1777 that he was drafted atRamsour's Mills and was acquainted with Gen Rutherford. IV. The Battle of King's Mountain was on Oct 7, 1780. The British and Americans met at King's Mountain, located on the border between North and South Carolina, and was the turning point of the war in the south.Gen Cornwallis attempted to protect his left flank by cleaning out the western section of NC. He sent out Maj Patrick Fergonson (Furguson)into the western mountain country with a force of one thousand Tories. The invasion stirred up the Over-Mountain-Men of the Watauga settlements, some 900, who rallied around their leaders: Shelby, Cleveland, Sevier, McDowell, Campbell, and others, killed Fergonson,and wiped out his Army. Only some 200 men Fergonson had sent out on a foraging expedition, before the battle, managed to stumble back to safety with Cornwallis. Ans. Benjamin Todd stated on his third tour of service, he marched British prisoners from King's Mountain and delivered them to Col Penn in Henry County, VA in 1778. V. The Battle of Cowpens was fought on Jan 17, 1781 and has been called the most brilliant, best fought action of the war. Cornwallis was so shocked over his losses, and with lashed-out fury, turned and fled toward the Fords over the Catawba River on Jan 28, 1781. He then set out to catch militia forces led by Greene and Morgan, before they could reach the Fords over the Dan River, leading into VA. Ans.Benjamin Todd stated on his fourth tour to service in 1778, he marched from Salisbury, NC to Benties Ford on the Catawba River, then marched down to Tool's Ford, where the Americans lost the battle. He made note he did not fight in this battle in which Gen Davidson was killed. Heathen marched back to Rowan County where he was discharged. "Know all men by those present that I, Benjamin Todd of Rutherford County, State of TN, a Pensioner of the United States, do hereby constitute and appoint Jeremiah Doughters my true and lawful attorney, for me and in my name, to receive from the Agent of the United States for paying pensions in Nashville, State of TN, my pension from the 4th day of Sep 1813 to the 4th day of Mar 814.Witness my hand and seal this 26th day of Mar 1814." He made his mark with the x. One source has Date of birth as 20-Feb-1759 and Date of death as 24-Jan-1855. Sterling Brown's History of Woodbury and Cannon County, TN page 103-104says: "Benjamin Todd, who died on Carson's Fork of Brawley's Fork of Stones River." (It is interesting that the history records that he died on Carson’s Fork which is where Mary Todd lived whereas all his land was in Todd Hollow near Big Springs.) The history also claims that Mary Todd 1762-1866 was Benjamin's sister.
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