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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Francis Todd: Birth: 27 Jun 1832 in White Co, IL. Death: 24 Jan 1913 in Webster County, KY

  2. Margaret Todd: Birth: 1837 in Kentucky, USA.

  3. Samue Cates Todd: Birth: 6 Sep 1841 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Death: 5 Jul 1914 in Cairo, Henderson County, KY

  4. Mary Todd: Birth: 1843 in Kentucky, USA.

  5. William Reavis Todd: Birth: 19 Nov 1846 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Death: 16 Apr 1933 in Webster County, KY

  6. Thomas Todd: Birth: 1848 in Kentucky, USA.

  7. Henry E. Todd: Birth: BET 1835 AND 1836 in Kentucky, USA. Death: 8 Oct 1905 in Webster County, KY

a. Note:   dd Lockridge or Sarah Todd Cates. 1830 Reuben married in White County, IL and one child (John G.) b. ca1832 in IL. Moved from Hopkins County, KY in 1830 to White County, IL when Sarah and Damara moved there. They moved back to Hopkins in 1835. 1840 Hopkins County, KY Census page 378 Dist 2: Reuben Todd 11001-1001 KY(20-30 1810/20). 1850 Hopkins County, KY Census page 143L, Dist 2: Reuben Todd 42 (1808)KY, Sarah 36 TN, John 18 IL, Henry 15 (?) KY, Margaret 13, Samuel 8,Mary 7, William 4, Thomas 2, and Saml Lockridge 19 IL. 1860 Webster County, KY Census: Ruben Todd 53 (1807) KY, Sally 46 TN,Samuel C 20 KY, Mary 17 KY, W.R. 13 M KY, E I/J 4 F KY, E 23 F KY, andW. B. M 15. The marriages of White County, IL listed: Todd, Reubin to Emmerson,Sarah 26-Oct-1830.”
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