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a. Note:   r of Solebury and had inherited his father's mill. It is suspected that he followed his brother into medicine immediately after this. Dr. William A. Todd taught at the medical school at the University of PA. In 1794/1798, he married Ann Downing. Also, in 1798, he bought land in Chester County. We find him in the 1800 census in East Caln, Chester County. Around this time, he settled in a home in Downington, Chester County - Downington having been erected out of a portion of East Caln.. He bought and sold land in Cumberland County. He died about 1811 and his wife died about this time also. Notes and Documentation: Previous records had confused William A. Todd with a William Todd who married Mary Cloyd Meredith Both William’s lived in Chester County. However, the William Todd that married Mary is prob the William showing up in 1790 with three children in East Whiteland of Chester County who appears on the tax lists of West Whiteland 1779-1785. Records confirm that William A. Todd did not have any children and records also confirm that William Todd and Mary Cloy Meredith were married while William A. Todd was still single. "1784 William was listed as a miller of Solebury in 1784. He was only 22 and had inherited his father's mill. It is suspected that he followed his brother into medicine immediately aft this. Dr. WilliamA. Todd taught at the medical school at the University of PA. "1798, Jun 30th Chester County Deeds: William Todd MD bought land in 1798 from Abiah Parke and wife, recorded 1803, FHL #0,020,871 - BookW2 page 501." (This deed was to Doctor Wm. A Todd for two hundred and fifty-two acre.) Chester County - From Genealogy of the Palmer-Trimble Families, P page 705REFN33767: "They resided at or near Downingtown (Chester) PA, where he enjoyed an extensive practice in his profession. No children." Chester County - From June Jefferson of PA looking for her WilliamTodd who m. Rebecca Twaddell: "William Baldwin was born in ChesterCounty, PA on 29-Mar-1779. His father was Thomas Baldwin, a Quaker preacher, by whom he was liberally educated and began to teach. He read medicine with Dr. William A. Todd of Downingtown. Dr. William A. Todd’s house was located in the East Lancaster Avenue's Historic District at 330 East Lancaster Avenue in the Downingtown Borough. Downingtown was incorporated in 1859 from 760 acres taken from East Caln in Chester County, PA." 1800 Chester County East Caln PA Census: William A. Todd 0110-10110. male b. 1755-1774 (William A. Todd b. 1762). male b. 1774-1784 (age 16-26) (Could be her nephew or a brother). female b. 1755-1774 (age 26-45) (Probably Thomazine (Downing) Kennedy). female b. 1774-1784 (wife Ann Downing b. 1778). female b. 1790-1800 (age 0-10) (Probably Thomazine's dau, Ann). Regarding the three other people that show up on this census for William A. Todd of East Caln, Ann his wife had a sister named Thomazine Downing born Mar 21, 1765 who married Samuel Kennedy in 1794. Samuel died in 1797 in an accident. They had two children: Mary Kennedy b. Feb 20, 1796 and probably didn't survive, and Ann D. Kennedy born Dec 22, 1797 who did survive. This doesn't explain the other male in this household, but it could be her nephew, Dr. George A. Fairlamb,who married her niece, Thomazine Whelen born ca 1784. Ann also had a brother Richard Downing b. Jun 26, 1775. He was single and d. in 1807 (See excerpts from Ann's will below). 14-May-1803 Cumberland County, PA Deed, 1Q: 230-232, FHL #0,021,054,Daniel Herr to Wm. A. Todd (Excerpt): "Indenture made the fourteenth day of May in 1803 between Daniel Herr of Fairview Twp, County of York and State of PA, and Esther his wife and William A. Todd of Chester County and state aforesaid, for the sum of two thousand pounds in hand paid by the said Wm. A. Todd. The following described piece or parcel of land situated at the lower end of Lisburn Village on Yellow Breeches Creek in Allen Twp of Cumberland County, seven acres and twenty-two perches, being part of a larger tract of land sold to Matthew Morris at public sale." Entered Aug 30th, 1805. 07-Jun-1803 Cumberland County, PA Deed, 1Q: 232-233, FHL #0,021,054,James Legget to Wm. A. Todd (Excerpt): "Indenture made the seventh day of Jun in 1803 between James Legget Senr of Allen Twp in Cumberland County, PA and William A. Todd of the twp and county aforesaid. Forth sum of two hundred pounds paid by William A. Todd, house and lot of ground situated in the town of Lisburn in Allen Twp, bounded on the South by the great Road leading from Carlisle to Rankin's ferry on the East, by a great Road on the North by land of James Legget Senr, and on the West by a twelve feet alley." Entered Aug 30th, 1805. 07-Jun-1803 Cumberland County, PA Deed, 1Q: 233-234, FHL #0,021,054,James Legget Senr to Wm. A. Todd (Excerpt): "Indenture made the seventh day of Jun in 1803 between James Leggett Senr of Allen Twp in Cumberland County, PA and William A. Todd of the twp and county aforesaid. For the sum of three hundred pounds paid by William A. Todd, the following described tract, piece or parcel of land situated in Allen Twp aforesaid. Beginning at a buttonwood (?) at the mouth of the sawmill (etc) and containing one hundred and five perches."Entered Aug 30th, 1805. 01-Dec-1803 Chester County, PA Deed, X2: 361, FHL #0,020,872, Samuel Downing to Wm. A. Todd (Excerpt): "Between Samuel Downing of Sudbury(?) Twp in Chester County, PA and William Alex Todd (Alex?) of East Caln Twp in the same county Names John Boyd and John Todd (?), containing ten acres for the sum of fifty dollars, paid by the said Alex Todd (etc) unto him the said William Alex Todd, his heirs and assigns forever." Recorded Feb 27,1804. (So we now have Alex and Anson, so perplexing to Richard and myself)? 09-Apr-1804 Cumberland County, PA Deed, 1Q: 234-236, FHL #0,021,054,John Sands to Wm. A. Todd (Excerpt): "Indenture made the ninth day of Apr in 1804 between John Sand of Allen Twp, Cumberland County, PA and Elizabeth his wife, and William A. Todd of the twp, county, and state aforesaid, whereas John Sands Senr (father to the above name John Sands) in his lifetime by sundry deeds of Conveyances became seized of a certain tract of land situated in Allen Twp aforesaid containing one hundred and six acres, etc. Whereas land has since been divided agreeable to said last bill. To William A. Todd, his heirs and assigns, all of the following described tract piece or parcel of land: Beginning at a post (etc) to a post on the land of Yellow Breeches Creek, containing fifty-one acres and one hundred and thirty one perches." Entered Aug 30th, 1805. 1805 Cumberland County, PA Tax List P page 19, Allen Twp, FHL #0,02,092:Listed as "Todd, A William with 1 house and 2 lots in Lisburn, 58acres, 1 Gristmill, 1 Sawmill, 3 horses, and 5 cows." May 1806 Cumberland County: "Here is a York Co Deed pertaining to Dr.William A. Todd of Cumberland County: 27-May-1806 between William A. Todd and Ann his wife of Allen Twp, Cumberland County (PA) and John Bishop, Ironmaster, now of same place for 58 pounds 19 shillings and four pence. Sold tract in Fairview Twp, York County, beginning at a black oak at a corner of Peter Whitman's land, land of John Smith, land of Nathaniel Freeman, containing 27 acres 135 perches, by warrant16-Oct-1792, to Joseph Morris who died intestate. Witnessed 27 May1806 by R. Hamerlsy and recorded 13-Sep-1808," Aug 1806 Chester County - From June Jefferson of PA: "Slave JonathanTim, M age 28, b. ca 1778, Runaway. Ran away from his owner, William A. Todd of Downingtown, Chester County, in Jul 1806, Twenty Dollars Reward ran away from his subscriber on Sunday the 20th. A Negro man who passes by the name of Jonathan Tim, abt 6' high, walks erect, with his hat inclined to one side of his head, handsomely made for a Negro,is abt 28 yrs of age. He is fond of driving a team, a great talker and liar, as well as a great braggadocio; his clothes were a swansdown jacket, striped homespun trowsers (trousers), and homespun linen shirt. He was bred by Mr. Smith. Whoever takes up and secures said servant so that I get him again, shall have the above reward and reasonable charges.” Signed William A. Todd, Downingtown, Chester County, Aug 6, 1806 and recorded Aug 8, 1806. 1808 Cumberland County, PA Tax List, Allen Twp, FHL #0,021,093: Listed as "Todd, William Doctor with 1 Grist Mill, 7 acres land pattent(patent), 1 Saw Mill, 1 House and 2 Lots of grounds." 27-Mar-1809 Chester County Deed, D3: 53, FHL #0,558,064, William A. Todd et ux to George Fairlamb (Excerpt): "between William A. Todd of the Township of East Caln, County of Chester, PA and his wife Ann, the sum of three thousand dollars paid by the said George Fairlamb, the following described land. Beginning near an apple tree at a stone in the middle of the Conestogo (?) Road, by land formerly of Abiah Parke." Rec. 06-Oct-1809. 1811 Cumberland County, PA Tax List, Allen Twp, FHL #0,021,093: Listedas "Todd William A (house)? 7 acres of land, 1 Moreland (?) Mill, and1 Saw Mill." The above tax list and the below will of Ann seems to verify that Dr. William A. Todd and his wife both died in 1811, and he before Aug 11,1811. Chester County - From June Jefferson of PA: "Aug 11, 1811 to Aug 23,1811 Todd, Ann - Widow of Dr. Wm. A. Todd, East Caln. To my nephew Dr.George Fairlamb (husband of Thomazine Whelen, her niece) $500. Tosister Sarah Webster $200. To my niece Ann Kennedy $500 at 18 (daughter of Thomazine (Downing) Kennedy, her sister). To Thomazine (Whelen, her niece), wife of Dr. George Fairlamb; nieces Mary and Sarah Whelen, articles named. To husband's brother Charles Todd, articles that were her husband's. Rem. To sister Mary Whelen. Executors: Dr. GeorgeFairlamb and John Baldwin. Wits: Samuel R. Downing and Jane Downing." 1814- Cumberland County, PA Deed Poll, 1AA: 410, FHL #0,021,057, John Rupley, Esq. Sheriff to Andrew Maters (Excerpt): "To all people to whom these presents shall come John Rupley Esquire High Sheriff of the County of Cumberland in the Commonwealth of PA. Whereas Daniel Herr/lately/ in the Court of Common Pleas holden at Carlisle for the County of Cumberland before the judges of the same court, to wit: of Sept in 1805, by the judgment of the same court did recover against William A. Todd as well a certain debt of two thousand pounds as also sixteen dollars and seventy four cents, which to the said Daniel Herr, was adjudged in the same court for his damages, and whereas afterwards by a writ of the Commonwealth aforesaid (?) out of the Court of Common Pleas the twelfth day of Apr in 1806, and to George Stroop Esquire then High Sheriff directed he was commanded that of the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of the said William A. Todd in his bailiwick he should cause to be made and (?) the debt and damages aforesaid, which the said Daniel Herr had recovered against the said William A. Todd, he having no goods and chattels in his bailiwick wherewith to satisfy the said execution, he seized and took in execution a certain Grist Mill and Saw Mill and five acres of land, more or less, in Allen Township adjoining lands of John Deads (?),James Legget, and Yellow Breeches Creek (etc) this third day of Aug1814. Signed John Rupley, Sheriff. Received on the day last mentioned of the before mentioned Andrew Maters, the sum of five thousand five hundred dollars, the full consideration before mentioned. Signed JohnRupley, Sheriff." Entered 22-Nov-1814.
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