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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Wagle: Birth: 23 Dec 1778. Death: 1780

  2. Mary Wagle: Birth: 3 Jul 1781 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: BET 1851 AND 1852 in White Hall, Madison, Kentucky, USA

  3. Isaac Wagle: Birth: 22 Aug 1783. Death: 3 Apr 1841

  4. John Wagle: Birth: 17 Oct 1785 in Rowan County, North Carolina, USA. Death: 28 Jul 1870 in Brown, Illinois, USA

  5. Thomas Wagle: Birth: 25 Jun 1791 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 25 Mar 1864 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA

  6. Lewis Wagle: Birth: 10 Jul 1800 in Madison County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 25 May 1878 in Platte County, Missouri, USA

a. Note:   l to Rowan Co. There in 1778 she married John Wagle who had also migrated from Nothampton County. John Wagle on Northampton County, PA Tax Lists 1761/80. In Easton in 1761 with 38acres, 1762 with 78 acres, 1764 with 1 town lot and 38 acres, and 1767with 148 acres (FHC #0021682). The previous DoM of 17-Mar-1778 must have been the bond date. The Bible of John Wagle says the marriage took place 26-Mar-1778. Record states that Jemima died at the home of her other son, Thomas Wagle, in Madison County, KY. Source: Duermyer, Louis Ansel of the John Wagle Genealogy, Kansas City, MO 1947, as provided by Nancy Teruya. Duermyer, Louis Ansel of the John Wagle Genealogy, Kansas City, MO 1947 via Nancy Teruya: "Rowan County, NC appears to have been John Wagle's home, for it was here he m. Jemima Todd on 26-Mar-1778.Jemima (daughter of Thomas Todd and wife Elizabeth) was b. 19-Jan-1759, probably in PA. This family moved to KY in 1790/91. In 1792, both John and Jacob 'Wegel' (Jacob is believed to be John Wagle's bro) are listed as landowners in the Madison County tax lists. Here John's family settled and were slave owners, making their home on Otter Creek at Foxtown(now Whitehall) just north of Richmond, KY on the Richmond-LexingtonTurnpike," (Duermyer page 7). "The date of his birth (John Wagle) here recorded in a family Bible in which he also entered the births, deaths, and marriages of his wife, his children, and many of his grandchildren," (Duermyer page 7). This Bible was handed down from John and Jemima Wagle, to their son Thomas Wagle, who was m. to Mary Cox. Then the Bible was passed to their only child, Susan Wagle Davis. "It was through this family that the original John Wagle Bible has been preserved," (Duermyer page 31).
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