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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Todd: Birth: 1799. Death: 1842 in Randolph Co.,IL

  2. Moses Todd: Birth: 1800 in Madison Co, Kentucky. Death: 1862 in Washington Co, MO

  3. Jonas Todd: Birth: ABT 1802 in Lousiana Territory. Death: 1848 in St Louis County, Missouri

  4. Aaron Todd: Birth: ABT 1805 in St Louis District, Louisiana Territory. Death: 1838 in St Louis County, MO

  5. Lydia Todd: Birth: ABT 1810. Death: Feb 1824

a. Note:   e marrried Rachel Quick in 1799 in Madison Co. Their son Moses was born in KY per 1850 census. His wife Rachel is documented to be in MO in 1810, but we have no evidence as to when he left KY because the siblings of Moses did not live to appear in the 1850 census. Joseph died about 1810/1812 and that year 1810 Benjamin Quick sold to Rachel Todd (his sister) 40 arpents (32 acres) of land near Spanish Pond, about 14 miles north of the town of St Louis. The sale confirmed that Rachel was still alive in 1810. Joseph died by 1810-1812 based on the sale of his goods for the benefit of his heirs recorded in 1817 by Vincent Carrico, his brother-in-law. Rachel died by 1816 based on her brother Daniel Quick assuming guardianship of her sons Moses and Aaron in that year. Probate records for Joseph Todd filed in 1817 in St Louis County of Missouri Territory documented that his heirs included: Moses Todd, Lydia Todd, Margaret Todd, Aaron Todd and Jonas Todd. Daniel Quick, Rachel’s brother, filed for guardianship of Moses and Aaron in 1816. Also Will of Vincent Carrico mentions: "Heirs of Joseph Todd: Moses, Lydia, Margaret, Aaron, Jonas Vol C 195, District of St. Louis, Territory of Louisiana, December 30, 1810 This indenture made this THIRD DAY OF FEBRUARY in the year of our Lord ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND TEN, between BENJAMIN QUICK, of the Township of St. Ferdinand, district of St. Louis, and Territory of Louisiana, of the one part and RACHEL TODD of the district aforesaid, of the other part. Witness that the said BENJAMIN QUICK for and in consideration of the sum of EIGHTY DOLLARS by her the said RACHEL TODD, to him the said BENJAMIN QUICK, in hand paid, the receipt whereof, is herby acknowledged and thereof, and of every part and parcel thereof acquit and discharge her the said, RACHEL TODD, have given, granted, bargained and sold and do by these presents to give, grant, bargain and sell, alien and transfer unto her the said RACHEL TODD one certain tract or parcel of land it being a part of a tract of that the said BENJAMIN QUICK got of LIDIA ROGERS, HIS MOTHER, LYING NEAR THE SPANISH POND, beginning at a stake on the East side of a drain that empties in the Spanish Pond, it also being a corner of WM. TILLON'S land that he got of BENJAMIN QUICK, on the line of the original survey of the said Quick, then running south forty four poles to a stake; then East sixty four poles to a stake, then west sixty four poles to a stake on the line of the original survey; thence West along the said line sixty four poles to the beginning, CONTAINING FORTY ARPENS, together, with all and singular the priviledges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining to the same, unto her the said RACHEL TODD, her heirs and asignees forever, and I the said BENJAMIN QUICK, for myself, my heris, executors and administrators and assignees the said bargained premises, together with the appurtenances aforesaid unto her the said RACHEL TODD, her heirs and assignees against the dower of the said BENJAMIN QUICK have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and year fore written. BENJAMIN QUICK In presents of VINCENT CARRICO. JONAS QUICK, AARON QUICK District of St. Louis, Township of St. Ferdinand. Be it remembered that on the day of the date of the above deed, personally came before me, one of the justice of the peace for the Township aforesaid BENJAMIN QUICK acknowledged the above and forgoing to be his voluntary act and deed, hand and seal. Given under my hand the day and year above written. VINCENT CARRICO. Recorded this 30th day of December A.D. 1818 M.P. Ladue, Recorder (Copied by Shirley Quick Van Lear, City Hall, St. Louis, Missouri, Recorder of Deeds Vol C p 195-196) SOURCE-FROM PROBATE RECORDS FOR JOSEPH (OUR ID# 9323) TODD-BENJAMIN (OUR ID# 25622) QUICK NAMES TWO BROTHERS IN LAW: State of Missouri Archives St. Louis Probate Court Digitization Project: 1802 - 1900 County: St. Louis Party Name: Todd, Joseph Case Number 00274, Date Filed 1817, Microfilm Reel C 27456 Collection 1, Document 3 IMAGE <> Missouri Territory County of St. Louis Township of St. Ferdinand County aforesaid this is to certify that I Benjamin Quick being solemnly sworn before and by Richard Chitwood Justice of the peace within the County and for the aforesaid Township do depose and say that I represented and managed the sale of the property and effects of my brotherinlaw Joseph Todd on the 7th day of March 1812 and that I took the Notes or bonds from the persons that purchased the said property and that I gave all and singular the notes that I thus took to my brotherinlaw Vincent Carrico for him to collect and receive and the money when received to keep for the sole use and bennefit of the heirs of my Brotherinlaw-Joseph Todd and that Vincent Carrico received the Notes and I believe and I am firmly purrsuaded to the best of my Knowledge that the list of Notes that John E. Allin administrator of the Estate of Joseph Todd, has found among the papers of Vincent Carrico Deceased is A correct and perfect list and account of the Notes that I delivered to Vincent Carrico for him to collect and further I depose that I have given A just and correct account according to the best of my Knowledge of all the real and personal Estate and property that I have any knowledge of or that passed through my hands and further this deponent saith not as witness my hand this 28th day of April 1817. his Signed: Benjamin X Quick mark Sworn to and subscribed before me A Justice of the peace within the county of St. Louis and for the Township of St. Ferdinand. Signed: R Chitwood JP SOURCE-FROM VINCENT (OUR ID# 1179) CARRICO’S PROBATE RECORDS- NOTES OWED TO THE ESTATE OF BROTHER IN LAW JOSEPH (OUR ID# 9323) TODD: State of Missouri Archives St. Louis Probate Court Digitization Project: 1802 - 1900 County: St. Louis Party Name: Carrico, Vincent Case Number 00202, Date Filed 1816, Microfilm Reel C 27454 Collection 23, Document 5 “Received from Benjamin Quick ID#25622 [brother-in-law of Vincent Carrico and Joseph Todd.] The following Notes for Collection.” [Seventeen notes are listed along with the statement:] “We do oblige ourselves our heirs executors and administrators to pay unto the heirs of Joseph Todd [brother-in-law of Vincent Carrico and Benjamin Quick] that is to say to Moses Todd, Lydia Todd, Margaret Todd, Aaron Todd and Jonas Todd all to receive an equal quantity of the above ST Louis digital probate records missouri Secr of State ARchives I John Allin family was packing up to move to Louisiana in Pike County and in Pakcing up my papers they packed up the paper I intended to send to you to settle my adiminstraiton on the estate of Joseph Todd so that I cannot get at them without unloading the wagon. I wish you therefore to put off until next term. I have paid the guardians of the orphans of that estate what money they wanted and nearly all they are entitled to...I am now on my journey to Pike County but if lief lasts I will be at St Louis at the next March term December 8th 1819 JOhn E. Allin Received of John E. Allen, admin. of of Joseph Todd deceased intestate..$101.. coming to Lydia Todd and Margaret Todd (at present Lydia Lard and Margaret Lard wives of John and Joab lard, daughters and heiresses of the said Joseph Todd 29 March 1820. signed John Lard Received of John E. Allen admin ..of Joseph Todd deceased intestate ..$123.74..coming to Moses Todd and Aaron Todd sons and heirs of the said Joseph Todd 29 March 1820 signed Daniel Quick, guardian of the said Moses and Aaron Todd
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