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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Todd: Birth: 1645 in Eling, Southamptonshire, England. Death: 20 Sep 1699 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  2. Benjamin Todd: Birth: 1645 in Eling, Southamptonshire, England.

  3. Elizabeth Todd: Birth: BET 1646 AND 1651 in Prob. Eling, Southampton, England. Death: BEF 1698

  4. Daniel Todd: Birth: BET 1651 AND 1656 in Prob. Eling, Southampton, England. Death: BEF 1689

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a. Note:   Preface About 1698, Joseph Todd of Eling, Southamptonshire, on the south coast of England came to Philadelphia with his grown son, his second wife and his young children. Sadly, he never lived to see the fruits of his migration because he died shortly after making the journey across the ocean. But his family grew and prospered and, over the generations, spread across America. The family came to Pennyslvania only 17 years after the founding of Pennsylvania by William Penn in 1682 and the family history reads like a history of the southern and westward expansion of the country as a whole. See William Todd's father for an Introduction to this book. Todd Origins The Tod family surname first appears in the records of Berwickshire(Scotland) where they were recorded as an ancient Berwickshire family before the year 1100. There is a Todd family from Fifeshire north of Edinburgh that shares a common DNA pattern with the Todds of Southamptonshire, but we can not document any connection between these two families. The Tod family was affiliated with many different clans through marriage. The Clan Gordon claims the Tod/Todd family as a Sept, entitled to clan rights, including the use of the clan tartan. The tartan is blue and green with a yellow stripe in a plaid pattern. The ancient Tod family Coat of Arms of Scotland is described as follows: the Shield, silver with three foxes’ heads; the Crest, a fox seated, and the motto is ‘Oportet Vivere,’ which means, ‘It behooves us to live!’ This Todd family has its origins in the south of England in the villages of Eling and Lymington. Joseph is thought to be the Joseph Todd who was baptized in Eling in 1645 and his church record in Pennsylvania said he became a member of the Baptist Church in Lymington, England in 1688. Eling is a Parish and Village near the head of Southampton Water, five-miles west from Southampton The Town of Lymington lies on the West Side of the Solent, which is a thriving yachting centre and tourist attraction today. Normans developed salt pans and the town flourished on the export of salt. Lymington started to become well known as a shipbuilding and trading port during the Middle Ages. Eling Parish Registers; Marriages: Joseph Todd and Anne Worsham,18-Oct-1675. John Worsham and Phillis Henbist, 16-Nov-1648. John Worsham and Ann Egg 23-Jul-1627, Richard Henbist and Elizabeth Olding, 17-Jun-1616. Baptisms: Joseph and Benjamin, sons of William Tod,15-Jan-1645, Anne, daughter of John Worsham, 24-Mar-1652, Stephen, son of John Worsham, 02-Feb-1649. John, son of John Worsham,18-May-1628 Phillis, daughter of Richard Hinbest, 23-Nov-1623. William, son of John Worsham 20-Mar-1630, Richard, son of Richard Hinbest 29-May-1616, Symon, son of Richard Hinbest 01-Nov-1618, Robert,son of Richard Hinbest, 10-Dec-1620, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Hinbest20-Aug-1626, Anne, daughter of Richard Hinbest, 14-Jun-1629. Will Index: Administrations granted to Mary Todd, wife of Daniel of Southampton 1689 Calendar of Southampton Apprenticeship Registers 1609-1740: "Todd Samuel, son of William Tod of Eling, Yeo to John Swift, glazier, for 7 years from date of indenture, 23-Dec-1678. Entered 14-Jun-1683." Isle of Wight. Baptisms children of William Swift; John Sweft 08-Jan-1651/2 at Northwood, George Swift 01-Nov-1653 at Northwood, Thomas Swift 15-Aug-1655 at Northwood, Alexander Swift12-Feb-1659/60 at Northwood (born 23-Nov-1659). is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.