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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas J. Watson: Birth: 1 JAN 1818 in Buckingham County, VA. Death: NOV 1900 in Clarksville, Montgomery County, TN

  2. Taitton Watson: Birth: ABT 1820. Death: UNKNOWN

  3. John Watson: Birth: ABT 1822. Death: UNKNOWN

  4. Joseph Watson: Birth: ABT 1824. Death: UNKNOWN

  5. Stephen Watson: Birth: ABT 1826. Death: UNKNOWN

  6. James Watson: Birth: ABT 1827. Death: UNKNOWN

  7. Martha Watson: Birth: ABT 1830. Death: UNKNOWN

  8. Nancy Watson: Birth: ABT 1833. Death: UNKNOWN

  9. Susan Watson: Birth: ABT 1838. Death: UNKNOWN

  10. George Watson: Birth: ABT 1838. Death: UNKNOWN

  11. Sarah Watson: Birth: ABT 1843. Death: UNKNOWN

  12. Person Not Viewable

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a. Note:   1840 Federal Census for Montgomery County, TN Josiah Watson, MT 229, has the following entry: 1 male under 5, 2 males 10/14, 1 male 15/19, and 1 male 40/49, 1 female under 5, 2 females 5/10, 1 female 10/14 and 1 females 40/49 RSW Note: There were four Watsons listed in the 1840 federal census for Montgomery County, TN. Their names were Jefferson, Joseph, Josiah, and Foster. Josiah's household is 229, Foster and Jefferson are both ion household 266, and Joseph is in household 264. This suggests, but does not prove that Foster, Jefferson, and Joseph are related to one another and not to Josiah. "An Enumeration of free white male persons in the county of Montgomery, (TN) . . . 1841" Watson, Josiah 104 Watson, Thomas 105 Watson, Taitton 106 1850 Federal Census for Montgomery County, TN - Watson, Josiah 58, Farmer VA Martha 54, Va James 23, Va Martha 20, Va Nancy 17, VA Susan 12, VA George 12, VA Sarah 7, Va, Mt-772-373. From biography of Thomas J. Watson, son of Josiah: Josiah Watson, born near close of last century in Va. and was of Scotch-Irish extraction. He (Josiah) was a soldier in the War of 1812 and was in the famous Battle of New Orleans. In 1814 he married Miss Martha McCormac, a native of Va., and of Irish descent. To this union 12 children were born, of whom our subject (Thomas J. Watson) is the 2nd. When Thomas J. Watson was a small boy his parents moved to Montgomery County., Tn. and in a short time moved from there to Marion Co., Il. leaving our subject and a brother and sister here. The father of our subject died just before close of the late (Civil) war and his mother is still living (in 1886 at time of publication of biography), at the advanced age of 91 years. Her eyesight is so good that she does not use spectacles and she now has her 3rd set of teeth. Josiah Watson is probably the Jos. Watson Jr. in the following deed: 1805 - From Montgomery Co. TN Deeds Vol 3 (1802-1807) Deed Book C, page 17: Deed from JAMES WATSON to JOHN BENSON. Indenture made this 4th day of March 1803, between James Watson of Alexandria and District of Columbia, and John Benson, Esq., of Fredericksburg, VA, for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to him in hand paid, for a tract of land lying in Mero District, and containing two hundred and seventy-four acres, being part of a tract granted to James C. Gorham and conveyed by him to James Watson, and lying on the bank of Red River. Test: Josiah Watson, John Watson, John McIver, Anthony Thornton, Jos. Watson, Jr. John Gibson, Jr. John Taylor, Jr. Signed: James Watson is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.