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  1. James Fredrick /GENTZ/: Birth: 1 MAY 1926 in WI. Death: 3 SEP 2006 in Lincoln, Placer County, CA

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1. Title:   World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1
Page:   Tree #1963
Note:   NS038311
Publication:   Release date: November 29, 1995
Author:   Br�derbund Software, Inc.

a. Note:   NI03971
Note:   [Br�derbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #1963, Date of Import: Nov 11, 2001] B. Frank Carl Ferdinand Gentz, Born 12 Nov. 1891 Shawano; died 229 Sept. 1965 Blackwell, WI age 73 buried Laona WI. Married 4 Sept. 1915 at Winchester, WI, to Cora Magdalyn Akey (b 29 Jan 1895, d 19 Mar 1993 Forest CO, age 98). Auto mechanic, beekeeper, farmer, mail carrier. First treasurer, town Blackwell, also at times town chairman and assessor. Res. Merrill (Lincoln CO) and Shawano until 1920 moved to Blackwell/Laona (Forest CO),built house, barn and honey house. Grad Shawano high school 1911,Sweeney Auto School (Kansas City MO). Cora a school teacher before marriage. A 1958 Forest CO newspaper reports a family reunion, listing all children and the 27 then living grandchildren, though his obituary says he had 35 grandchildren; 4 more are listed here; Irene Gentz says Cora has 60 great- grandchildren in 1993, and all 8 children are still living 1 John Robert Gentz. Born 27 Nov. 1916 Merrill. Married Jeannette \\. Served World War II. Res. Albuquerque 1958 -'65. a.Lena Conchete Gentz. Born 22 Aug.1949 Milwaukee. Married 4 June 1971 Albuquerque, Larry Stephens b.John Chrisopher Gentz, born 31 Oct. 1954 c.Steven Gentz 2.Jane Monica Gentz. Born 5 Jan. 1920 Shawano. Married 15 Nov. 1937 Laona, George F. Larsen (b 1914 MN; served WWII); married #2, '58-'65, Harold Kirsch. Res. Milwaukee '58 `65 a. Lucy Marie Larsen. Married 30 Sept. 1969 Milwaukee, Mark John Patin b.Lois Larsen c.Carol Larsen d.Cathy Larsen 3. Jean Marie Gentz. Born 5 Jan 1920 Shawano. Married Delbert Clavette (b 21 Nov. 1917 Laona; served World War II). Res. Hubertus '58 '65 a. Danny Clavette b. Mike Clavette c. Paul Clavette d. Thad Clavette e. Jill Clavette f. Patrick Clavette g. James Clavette h. John Clavette 4. Mary Louise Gentz. Born 18 June 1922 Blackwell. Married Seivert N Strand Res. Sacramento CA'58'65 a. Fred Strand b. Monica Strand c. Jeff Strand d. Philomena Strand e. Paul Strand. Born 5 July 1956 f. Dale Strand 5.Phillip Joseph Gentz. Born 28 Aug., 1924 Laona. Married 1948 Iron Mt. MI, Irene Marion (b 1929). Served World War II. Res. Kenosha '48 Pleasant Prairie WI '60'93. Worked Nash auto, Kenosha. a. Colleen Kay Gentz. Born 2 Dec. 1948 Laona b. David Gentz. Born 6 Apr. 1950 Kenosha c. Patti Gentz. Born I Sept. 1951 Kenosha d. Nancy Gentz. Born 21 July 1954 Kenosha WI 6.James Frederick Gentz Born 1 May 1926 Laona. Married Beatrice Brown (b 1929). Served World War ll. Res,Sacramento'58 Highland CA'65 , a. Keith Gentz b. Frank Gentz 7. Karl Stephen Gentz. Born 21 June 1928 Laona. Married 24 June 1950 Dorchester WI, Loretta Lois Paff (b 1929). Served World War II. Res. Milwaukee'58 '65 a. Sherry Gentz b. Mark Gentz 8. David Julius Gentz. Born 22 Jan 1933 Laona, Married 2 April 1954 Iron MT MI, Marjorie Ellen Osgood (b ). Res. Laona '58 '65. Worked Forest Ranger station '61 a. Stephen Michael Gentz. Born 16 Sept. 1954 Forest CO b. Peter Dennis Gentz Born 4 July 1956 Forest CO c. Gail Merry Gentz Born 25 Dec 1958 Laona dc. Matthew David Gentz Born 25 July 1961 Laona e. Amy Jo Gentz Born 12 August 1962 f. Joy Jean Gentz Born 24 Dec. 1964 Laona Compiled by Kay Fenton 1993 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.