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1. Title:   Notes of Claude B. Finley, Jr.
Author:   Claude Bailey Finley, Jr.

a. Note:   Lived 94 years. From the letter to CB Finley, Jr. from Margie M. Boyd: 365 Georgetown, Beaumont TX 77707, June 21, 1982. Info from Rev. Robert A. Foster, a grandson of Pleasant L. Foster given to him in 1883. "On the enclosed chart, we think there might be a mistake. Notice under brothers and sisters of Jane Lawson (on the far left side), Winwright Lawson; we have corresponded with a cousin who is descended from Winwright Lawson; this Winwright Lawson said his mother was named Rachel Lawson. We are wondering if John Robertson married a Delphi and their daughter "Rache" married Kimmie Foster. We think the names of Delphi and Rachel might have been interchanged. We do not know why the marriage of Jane Lawson and Lewis Foster is dated 1818, when their first child wa born in (probably) 1808. As you can see from this chart, Jane Lawson had been married previously and had one son named James jjAllen. We donot now if "Allen" is a surname or a given name. Also, since the name on the marriage certificate is "Jane Lawson," we do not know if Jane Lawson was divorced or if possibly the son Jame Allen was born out of wedlock. Also, it appears that Lewis Foster married his cousin. These are puzzlers on which we are working. I have photographs of Polly Rigsby (Mary Ann "Polly" Foster) and her husband Lewis J. Rigsby, taken c 1875 or so. Photography was not widespread until after the Civil War, so unless paintings exist of the earlier generations, it is doubtful any likenesses exist. The Sheperd Foster who came to Texas but returned to Georgia was a son of Lewis Foster. His uncle Shepherd Foster was a Baptist minister in Georgia. There are two volumes on Wilkes County, GA., which are in most genealogical libraries, which give lots of information on Lawsons and Fosters, but it is difficult to try to tie them together. There were two John Lawsons in this county at the same time frame and 3 John Robertsons. Lewis Foster apparently used the name "Lewis" in Georgia but used his full name of "William Lewis Foster" after he came to Texas. James Foster stayed in Texas and died in Angelina Co., if I remember correctly. I am corresponding with one of his descendents in San Angelo." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.