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Page:   Letter dated April 21, 1987 to C. B. Finley, Jr. from Margie M. Boyd (Mrs. Mugent Boyd, Jr.) 4465 Thomas Lane, Beaumont, TX 77706
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Page:   Lynda Hassell< [email protected], Monday, November 8, 1999

a. Note:   William Lawson Foster, son of Jane, died intestate and without issue; his mother inherited the lands he owned in Angelina Co., TX (a league and a labor). Subsequently, ca. 1855-58, Jane deeded this land to James Barclay and Lewis T. Foster. In 1810, the heirs of these two families sued the timber company for possession of the land. The cas was not settled until 1928. ------------------------------------- Letter to CB Finley, Jr. from Mrs. (Margie) Nugent Boyd, Jr. 4465 Thomas Lane Beaumont, TX 77706 March 20, 1984 Mr. Claude B. Finley, Jr. 512 West Rusk Marshall, TX 75670 Dear Claude: I have not heard from you in quite some time and am wondering if you have gathered any additional information on your Louis jT. Foster Descendants? I am enclosing a copy of court records from Angelina County, Texas, involving the children of Lewis/Louis T. Foster. This was part of a court case in which Napoleon B. Barclay and some of the kin sued Southwestern Lumber Company over the estate of William Lawson Foster. They won in the lower court but lost on appeal. This was finally settled in 1928. William Lawson foster was born to Jane Lawson out of wedlock, prior to her marriage to Lewis Foster. Supposedly, her cousin was the father of this child. William Lawson "went by" the name of William Lawson Foster, and his estate is so listed in Angelina County, where he owned land. Apparently, he never married and his mother, Jane (Lawson) Foster was his sole heir and administrator. Most of the papers frm this probate file are missing; presumably they were used in this court case and never returned to the file. I have not been able to visit the district court in Tyler to look for this case. What is your situation? Can you get to the courthouse when it is open? If so, I would be happy to pay for xeroxing any pertinent information concerning our "family names" listed in this court case. Although all of the children of Jane Lawson/Lewis Foster would have been equal heirs of William Lawson Foster, only some of the Barclays and Fosters participated in this suit. Perhaps the others did not know about it. I think it was filed originally in 1910 and settled in 1928. Let me hear from you. I am still working on my book. I now have the Fosters traced back to Accomack County, Virginia in 1718. Sincerely, Margie Boyd Mrs. Nugent Boyd, Jr. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.