Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

John Cassidy was born ABT. 1840 in Canada. He was the son of Lawrence Cassidy and Elizabeth Bain.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Lawrence Cassidy was born ABT. 1813 in Ireland, and died 22 JAN 1894 in House of Providence, Dundas, Ontario.

Elizabeth Bain was born ABT. 1821 in Ireland, and died MAR 1885. She was buried in St Thomas Pioneer RC Cemetery, Minto Twp.

Children of Elizabeth /Bain/ and Lawrence /Cassidy/ are:
  1. Olivia Cassidy was born ABT. 1838 in Puslinch Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario, and died 5 NOV 1900 in Minto Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario.

  2. John Cassidy was born ABT. 1840 in Canada.

  3. Henry Cassidy was born ABT. 1841 in Canada, and died 15 APR 1915 in St Joseph's Hospital, Guelph, Ontario.

  4. James Cassidy was born ABT. 1843 in Canada.

  5. Mary Ann Cassidy was born FEB 1846 in Canada, and died 23 JUL 1868.

  6. Walter Cassidy was born ABT. 1847 in Canada.

  7. Lawrence Cassidy was born ABT. 1849 in Canada.

  8. Anthony Cassidy was born ABT. 1851 in Canada, and died BEF. 1871.

  9. William Cassidy was born ABT. 1857 in Canada. He married Margaret Ann Page on ABT. 1890. She was born ABT. 1859 in Canada.

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