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  1. Jacob Bricker: Birth: 1685 in Switzerland.

a. Note:   The old progenitor (Jacob Bricker) of the Bricker family whose descendants are here traced and arranged in order by branches of families, emigrated to America in 1718. He was a native of Switzerland and was born about the year 1685. When he was thirteen years of age his father, Hans Br´┐Żucker, left Switzerland and moved to the Pfaltz, now called the Palatinate. They resided in the vicinity of Zweibr´┐Żucken where they died when their son Jacob, the old progenitor, was about 21 years of age. Twelve years after his parents' death, he in company with one Hans Huber, determined to seek a home in America and settle among their co-religionists. Tradition has it that they left Europe in spring, 1718, and arrived at Philadelphia in August of the same year. They made their journey from Philadelphia to their place of settlement in Lancaster County on foot. Like most of the early settlers in the wilds of America, this pioneer was of common class of people, comparatively poor in worldly possessions. Soon after his arrival he was married to Catharine Mylin, whose father was one of the early pioneers of Lancaster County. This young couple found it difficult to make any headway in the providing of a home for themselves. When they first started housekeeping their self-denials and many privations proved to assist them in the acquiring of a free and independent home. In following their motto, "Onward and Upward" they soon equaled their pioneer neighbors in possessing earthly possessions. If we allow our thoughts to run back unto our forefathers when they formed their early settlements in this and other countReis, in the dawning days of our American or colonial times and their coming to Canada, nothing but a fragmentary knowledge of their once useful and God-fearing life, with their untold numbers of hardships and self-denials is presented unto us. The dark curtain of "time" is drawn so low over their history and has become so thick that in the absence of recorded history we do not know much. [Eby Book 1895] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.