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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob D Betzner: Birth: 1769 in Franklin Co, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: BEF. 1800 in Franklin Co, Pennsylvania, USA

  2. Samuel Betzner: Birth: ABT. 1770. Death: UNKNOWN in Flamborough Twp, Wentworth Co, Ontario

  3. Elizabeth Mary Betzner: Birth: ABT. 1773. Death: UNKNOWN

  4. Barbara Betzner: Birth: 1778. Death: 1874

  5. John D Betzner: Birth: 1783. Death: 1852 in Doon, Waterloo Co, Ontario

a. Note:   NI106243
Note:   Samuel Betzner, the old progenitor of this highly respectable family, was born near the little village of Merspurg, situated on Lake Constance, about eight miles north-east of the city of Constance in the kingdom of Wurtenburg, Germany, in 1738. His parental residence was a humble cottage situated about a mile from Merspurg, and his parents were plain, honest wage-earners, and members of the German Reformed Church. When Samuel was about three years of age he had the misfortune of losing his father, and in less than a year hereafter his mother died, thus leaving him an orphan at the age of four years. * A kind and tender-hearted neighbour in whose service the lad's parents had been for many years, being animated to sympathy for the poor orphan, adopted him as his own son. Being naturally of a bright mind, young Samuel availed himself of the opportunity thus afforded him and he soon became a favourite among his friends and neighbours. He had so well gained the love and esteem of his foster-parents that they had him appointed sole heir to all their large estate worth thousands of dollars. All went well until Samuel was about sixteen years of age, when an heir was born unto his foster-parents. After this young heir had made his appearance in the family, it became evident to Samuel that sooner or later his lot would prove to be something like young Ismael's, however he did not wait until the pitcher of water was handed to him, he left for America when seventeen years of age. He arrived at Philadelphia in 1755 and settled in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. It is said that he made the journey from Philadelphia to Franklin County on foot and that he slept in barns or on straw in the fields whenever night overtook him. Mr. Betzner was subjected to many severe trials, partly arising from the military operations then harassing the country and partly from his former co-religionists in forsaking the German Reformed Church and joining that of the River Brethren (Dunkards), but all these trials were endured with patience. He was of a cheerful disposition and engaging manners. In social conversation he was pleasingly instructive. His only aim in this life seems to have been to prepare to meet his God in the world to come. This good old man was married to Maria Dettweiler who was born in 1744, and died near Blair, Ontario in 1806. In 1800 he and his wife, in company with John Christian Reichart, moved to Canada. Old Mr. Betzner settled on the Grand River, opposite Doon, his farm adjoining that of old Joseph Sch´┐Żorg. Here he resided until his death which took place in 1813. They had quite a family. We know of five children. Handed to us as traditional by the older members of the family. The report is no doubt true as all members of the family have the same story. [Eby Book 1895] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.