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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Clemens: Birth: 1806.

  2. Levi Clemens: Birth: 1808.

  3. Mary Clemens: Birth: 1809.

  4. Harriet Clemens: Birth: 1811.

  5. George Clemens: Birth: 20 SEP 1812. Death: 18 OCT 1888

  6. Isaac Clemens: Birth: 21 JAN 1815. Death: 24 SEP 1880

  7. Mary Ann Clemens: Birth: 1816. Death: 1893

  8. Wilhelmine Clemens: Birth: 1817 in Preston, Ontario. Death: 1881 in Bosanquet Twp, Lambton Co, Ontario

  9. Stauffer Clemens: Birth: 1819.

  10. Maria Clemens: Birth: 1820.

  11. Nancy Clemens: Birth: 1821. Death: 1861

  12. John Clemens: Birth: 1822.

  13. William Clemens: Birth: 1825.

  14. Daniel Clemens: Birth: 1828.

  15. Oliver Clemens: Birth: 1830.

  16. Rachel Clemens: Birth: 14 OCT 1831.

  17. Lewis Clemens: Birth: 1833.

  18. Amos Clemens: Birth: 1835. Death: UNKNOWN

a. Note:   George Clemens, younger son of George and Elizabeth (Carlisle) Clemens, was born in Pikeland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, July 17, 1777. His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm and during the winter months he attended the public school and received such an education as the times afforded. It is well known that the facilities for obtaining a good common school education were at that time far inferior to what they now are. While visiting friends in Montgomery County during the winter of 1799 and 1800, Mr. Clemens was informed that numerous families intended to move either to the western part of the state or to Ohio, and even some were meditating of moving to Canada, the way-out-of-the-world country. No sooner was he in possession of this information than he hunted up such parties who were making preparations to move to Canada in order to receive all the information that could be obtained of this country at that time. Upon his return home he informed his father of what he had heard in regard to Canada. After listening to his son for some time, his father said: 'Well George, if all be true that you have heard in regard to Canada, it truly must be a good country to go to in order to seek one's fortune, but take my advice, first go and see the country for yourself.' During the winter of 1800-1 seven families of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, made arrangements for moving to Canada which company Mr. Clemens joined. He drove one of the teams (see Historical notes on pages 22, 23, and 24 in regard to Mr. Clemens)and in May, 1801, he arrived where now the village of Blair is situated. After making a thorough inspection of this country he found everything beyond his expectations and immediately selected his land on which he settled. This was about one mile east of Preston, near Speedsville, on the farm now owned by his grandson, Isaac B. Clemens. After having cleared several acres of his land he erected a small log house and commenced housekeeping. In course of time he found the words recorded in Genesis 2:18 to be true, he therefore amended or improved his condition in life by taking to himself a wife in the person of Esther Stauffer who was born December 18th, 1790, and died August 17, 1836. After her decease he was married to (October 27th, 1840) Elizabeth, the widow of David Histand. She was a daughter of old George Bechtel and was born August 8th, 1792, and died July 21st, 1885. Old Mr. George Clemens died August 10, 1863. To him and his first wife was born a family of eighteen children. [Eby Book 1895] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.