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Marriage: Children:
  1. Nicholaus Erb: Birth: ABT. 1701.

  2. Christian Erb: Birth: 1703 in Switzerland.

  3. Magdalena Erb: Birth: ABT. 1708. Death: BEF. 1769

  4. John Erb: Birth: 1713 in Switzerland. Death: 1778 in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

  5. Jacob Erb: Birth: 1724 in Switzerland. Death: 1810 in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

a. Note:   Nicholaus Erb, the first known ancestor of this name, came to America with his family in 1722. He was a Swiss by birth and, it is said, his father desired him to become a Catholic priest, but he joined the Mennonites and left his native country on account of religious persecutions. He resided for some time before he emigrated to this country at a place called 'Wester Walter Hoff'. Where this place of temporary residence was located is not known. Probably it may have been a farm on the outposts of some province in Germany that had dangerous neighbors and the times must have been somewhat turbulent as it is known that he lived under the promised protection of a lord or superior, and in case of an unexpected attack it had been agreed that he should give notice by firing a gun. It is also related that, either to try the efficiency of the signal or the faithfulness of his landlord, he fired the gun and in a short time had the satisfaction of seeing his protector with his retainers coming to his assistance as fast as horses could bring them. He settled on Hammar Creek, Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, near where the mill lately owned by David Erb, now stands. He was a farmer by occupation. His family consisted of five children, four sons and one daughter. Their names were John, Nicholaus, Christian, Jacob, and Magdalena. Nicholaus Erb, the old progenitor of the race, was born in 1679 and died in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the year 1740, aged 61 years and a few months. (From Rev. Benjamin Eby): Of the sons of John and Nicholaus no information has been received but, no doubt, many of their descendants are at present scattered over the state of Pennsylvania. Of the third son, Christian, we have but little information. He was born in Switzerland in 1703, and tradition has it that he was married to Maria Winger in 1725. She came to this country with her foster parents when quite young. Her parents died in Switzerland when she was only a few months old. Christian and Maria Erb resided in Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, near his father's homestead. Their family consisted of four children, namely: III John, III Christian, III Peter, and III Jacob. [A Biographical History of Waterloo County, Ezra E. Eby, c1895] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.