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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christian Martin: Birth: 1731.

  2. David Martin: Birth: 1732. Death: 1819

  3. Barbara Martin: Birth: 1735.

  4. Martin Martin: Birth: 1736. Death: 1811

  5. Susannah Martin: Birth: 1737.

  6. John Martin: Birth: 1738.

  7. Jacob Martin: Birth: 1739.

  8. Elizabeth Martin: Birth: 1739.

  9. Henry Martin: Birth: 1741. Death: 1825

  10. George Martin: Birth: 1742. Death: 1829

Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel G Martin: Birth: 1746.

  2. Michael G Martin: Birth: 1747. Death: 1831

  3. Abraham Martin: Birth: 1748 in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 1815 in Earl Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, USA

1. Title:   Horst Family Tree
Page:   29

a. Note:   David Martin, the old progenitor of this numerous family, emigrated from Switzerland to America in 1727. It is not known whether he was married when he came nor where he settled. Some think he had first settled in Virginia, but not finding many of his co-religionists there he moved north to Pennsylvania where he settled in Lancaster County among his own class of people. It cannot be ascertained at so late a date to whom he was married nor what number of children he had. He died in 1763, (According to Deacon David Martin's statement) aged about 62 years, thus making him about 26 years of age when he came to America. We know that he had two sons for a certainty but there may have been more whose descendants never came to Canada. These two were named Henry and Abraham. [Eby Book 1895] *** The Horst Family Book also shows his death date as1763 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.