Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Barbara Horst was born 1768. She was the daughter of Jacob Horst and Margaret Unknown.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Jacob Horst was born 1734, and died 1788. He was the son of Joseph Horst and Barbara Unknown.

Margaret Unknown .

Children of Margaret /Unknown/ and Jacob /Horst/ are:
  1. Barbara Horst was born 1768.

  2. Catherine Horst was born ABT. 1770.

  3. Joseph Horst was born 1772 in West Earl Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, USA, and died 1852. He married Magdalena B Good on 1799. She was born 1773 in Brecknock Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, and died 1840. She was buried in Lichtys Mennonite Cemetery.

  4. Mary Horst was born 1774, and died 1843. She married Christian B Good on 1812. He was born 1779, and died 1838.

  5. Jacob Horst was born 1776, and died 1863. He married Maria R Weber on ABT. 1796. She was born 1775, and died 1836.

  6. Christian Horst was born 1778, and died 1825. He married Barbara O Good. She was born ABT. 1780, and died 1822.

  7. David Horst was born 1786, and died 1830. He married Margaret Staley on 1810. She died BEF. 1835.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Joseph Horst was born 1710, and died 1763.

Barbara Unknown .

Children of Barbara /Unknown/ and Joseph /Horst/ are:
  1. Jacob Horst was born 1734, and died 1788. He married Margaret Unknown.

  2. Johannes Horst was born 1739, and died 1810.

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