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Marriage: Children:
  1. Morris Cook: Birth: 1826 in England. Death: 1896

  2. George Cook: Birth: 1828 in England.

  3. Mary Ann Cook: Birth: 1830 in England.

  4. William Cook: Birth: 1833.

  5. Jane Cook: Birth: 1835 in Ontario, Canada.

  6. Jonah Cook: Birth: ABT. 1838 in Canada.

  7. Edwin Cook: Birth: 1838 in Ontario, Canada. Death: BEF. 1892

  8. Susannah Cook: Birth: 1838. Death: 1841

  9. Susannah Cook: Birth: 1842 in Ontario, Canada.

  10. John Cook: Birth: 1843.

  11. Lucy Cook: Birth: 13 NOV 1844 in Ontario, Canada. Death: BEF. 1889

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