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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob E Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1801.

  2. John Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1803.

  3. Andrew E Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1805.

  4. Christian E Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1807.

  5. Magdalena E Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1809.

  6. Ezra E Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1811.

  7. Catherine E Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1813.

  8. Mary E Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1815.

  9. Levi E Wissler: Birth: ABT. 1817.

  10. Sem E Wissler: Birth: 21 MAR 1819 in Clay Twp, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 18 MAY 1865 in Salem, Nichol Twp, Wellington Co

a. Note:   NI011320
Note:   Jacob Wissler, the father to the Wisslers who had settled in this county, was born in the old "Wissler Homestead" on Mill Creek, Clay Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, November 12th, 1776. On March 25th, 1800, he was married to Anna, daughter of Christian and Catherine (Bricker) Eby. She was born September 9th, 1777, and died April 25th, 1829. They resided on the old "Wissler Homestead" until their deaths. He died April 27th, 1853. To them was born a family of ten children, namely: Andrew, Jacob, Christian, Magdalena, Ezra, John, Catherine, Mary, Levi and Sem. All the members of the named family resided in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, save John and Sem who came to Canada in 1840 and settled at Lexington, near Bridgeport, Waterloo County, Ontario, where they were engaged in the mercantile and tanning business. In 1845 Sem moved to Nichol Township, Wellington County, thus leaving his brother John sole proprietor of the Lexington business. In 1857 Mr. John Wissler disposed of his farm and business to Messrs Schneider & Stricker and moved to Virginia, U.S., where he died some years ago, leaving a family of six children, viz: Franklin, Jacob, Levi, Aaron, Hannah, and Angelia. After Mr. Sem Wissler's arrival in Nichol Township, he purchased most of the land where now the village of Salem is situated. He was a man of first-class business abilities and this, in connection with his great energy and perseverance, caused him, in a very few years after his arrival in Nichol Township, to be the proprietor of the large grist and flour mills, store and tannery, and conjointly with the said business, he was also the owner and manager of the sawmills and the large farm now possessed by his son, Levi. In 1860 he was elected Reeve for Nichol Township which position he held until his death. Mr. Wissler was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, March 21st, 1819. (All the children of Mr. Jacob Wissler were born on the old "Wissler Farm" in Clay Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania) In 1840 he came to Canada and on August 6th, 1843, he was married to Jane Robertson who was born at Insch, Scotland, October 15th, 1828, and came to Canada with her parents in 1838. They moved to Salem in 1845. Here he died May 18th, 1865. His widow is still living in Salem with one of there children. To Mr. and Mrs. Wissler was born a family of seven children. [Eby Book 1895] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.