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Marriage: Children:
  1. Corneilus J O'Donnell: Birth: 13 JAN 1826 in Co Donegal, Ireland. Death: 16 JAN 1915 in Eden Valley, Minnesota

  2. Bernard Oge O'Donnell: Birth: 24 MAY 1835 in Ireland. Death: 24 MAY 1883 in Prudenville, Michigan, USA

  3. John O'Donnell: Birth: MAR 1839 in Markham Twp, York Co, Ontario. Death: 26 JUN 1908 in Arthur, Ontario

  4. Mary Ann O'Donnell: Birth: 22 MAY 1841 in Arthur Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario. Death: 4 SEP 1924 in Arthur Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario

  5. James O'Donnell: Birth: OCT 1843 in Canada. Death: 17 MAR 1901

1. Title:   Kenilworth Pioneer Cemetery Transcript
Page:   2-14
Source:   S066075

a. Note:   NI000944
Note:   "Around the 1840's Bryan O'Donnell owned 50 acres of land which was the south half of Lot 15, West of the Owen Sound Road. He donated approximately two acres of land for a church and cemetery. A log church was built here by Bryan O'Donnell and his sons along with other volunteers. The log church was still incomplete when Father John Cullen said the first mass in it in 1851. The door had not been cut so the congregation entered by way of a window." [A History of the Catholic Community of Kenilworth, Ontario from the 1830's to 1993, page 63] *** Farmed at lot 16, W.O.S.R., Arthur Twp. *** Some sources show name as "Bryan More O'Donnell" is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.