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Marriage: Children:
  1. Aaffien Bootsman: Birth: 10 JUL 1927 in Eenrum, Groningen, Nederland. Death: 13 DEC 2010 in St Mary's, Ontario

  2. Reta Helma Bootsman: Birth: 19 OCT 1929 in Binbrook Twp, Wentworth Co, Ontario, Canada. Death: 17 NOV 1929 in Glanford Twp, Wentworth Co, Ontario, Canada

  3. Helma Ida Bootsman: Birth: 23 APR 1931 in Glanford Twp, Wentworth Co, Ontario, Canada. Death: 1 APR 2005 in Vernon, British Columbia

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a. Note:   Pieter, Boukje and oldest daughter, Aaffien (1927-), arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, aboard the ship, "S.S. Rijndam I" of the Holland-American line, March 24, 1929 (ref# RG76 - Immigration, seReis C-1-b, microfilm T-14818) Pieter & Boukje Anglicized their Dutch, Christian names shortly after arriving in Canada, a common practice for European immigrants at the time. Pieter & Boukje became Peter & Beatrice. Peter & Beatrice had traveled to Canada with another Dutch family, Anko & Aafke Nienhuis and their son Hendrik (Hank). The families stayed in close contact for several years, working and living together while they grew accustomed to their new surroundings. They may have also been distantly related. Peter & Beatrice first went to work as hired farm-hands for a man by the name of Nicholas Marshall in Glanford Township, Wentworth County. It was around this time that their second daughter, Reta, was born. The year was 1929. Sadly, Reta died a short time later from a navel infection, followed by pneumonia. She was buried at Trinity United Church Cemetery on Highway #53 in Glanford Township. There is no gravestone. Third daughter, Helma, was born at Glanford Township in 1931. Before long, Peter moved his young family to the Dutch community of Holland Marsh, King Township, York County. Their first son, Martin, was born there in March of 1933. Martin was the first baby boy born in the Holland Marsh community. His brother, Eric, was born in 1935 near the village of Schomberg and the Holland Marsh. Shortly after Eric's birth, Peter moved the family back to Wentworth County in hopes of brighter prospects. From approximately 1936-1938, Peter worked for Peter Ousterhouis who had a farm at Lot 3N, Concession 2, Glanford Township, just west of Highway #6 and south of Twenty Side Road. The family also boarded at the Ousterhouis homestead. In 1938 Peter & Beatrice rented a small fifty acre farm in Block 2, Lot 3N, Concession 2 of Binbrook Township, south of Golf Club Road from Emery Tweddle. It was there that son, John (Jack), was born in 1940. From 1945-1947 the family farmed just around the corner on Hendershot Road. It too was a rented farm. Although it was a larger farm (100 acres), it had little potential because the soil was poor. Peter knew he wouldn't be able to stay there long. The farm was in Block 3, Lot 1, Concession 1, west on Hendershot Road. Elmer Hendershot was the owner of the farm. Peter & Beatrice bought their first farm around 1947-1948. It was on on the north-west corner of Airport Road and Trinity Church Road at Lot 16, Concession 4S, Glanford Township, Wentworth County. It was 100 acres of prime land and was purchased for $6,000. They were able to make a tidy profit when they sold it seven-years later to Gordon Hyslop for $20,000. It was mixed farming with some grape vineyards as well. In 1955, with hopes of keeping their three boys in farming, Peter & Beatrice purchased a 100-acre farm far from the big city of Hamilton. The farm was just north of Fergus at Lot 19W, Concession 16, Peel Township, Wellington County and was purchased from Norman "Wally" Bruce for $9,000. By 1959, it became apparent that Martin, Eric and Jack were not interested in pursuing farming as a career. With this reality, Peter sold the farm to Ewald H. Mollenkamp and retired from farming. In 1959, Peter & Beatrice bought a combination grocery store and nine room boarding-house in Brantford at the corner of Waterloo Street & 31 Pearl Street. It was a busy venture. Peter minded the store whilst Beatrice was kept busy doing laundry for the nine rooms, as well as serving customers and looking after the books. By 1965, they were tired of the business and longed for true retirement. They sold the store to their son, Martin and his wife Catherine (nee McKeown) and moved to a small rural home on the Glen Morris Road, just east of Paris, Ontario. Peter soon discovered that retirement wasn't for him, so, at age 65 years he went to work for the Seegmiller Construction Company who had been contracted to build the expressway between Kitchener & Cambridge. Peter worked for them for several years until he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1968. He bravely suffered through operations and treatment. Sadly, Peter passed away at the age of 69 years, 5 months in May of 1970. Beatrice, along with her 9-year old grandson, David Bootsman (son of Jack Bootsman), whom she had been raising since he was approximately 5-years old, moved to Elora where she purchased a home on Colbourn Street. When David moved out on his own (c1980), Beatrice sold her home and moved in and out of several different apartments in the Elora-Guelph-Fergus area before finally settling on a custom built apartment in her son Martin's apartment building on Queen Street in Fergus. The apartment had been designed and built exclusively with Beatrice in mind, with many of her suggestions being conceived into the final plan. Beatrice's last move was to heaven in January of 1992 at the age of 88-years, 3 months. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.