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a. Note:   N1 Text from "Our Baby Book" Page one has dad's baby picture. page two : Baby's name: Robert Herbert Burn, born February 15, 1910, Tuesday, at 6 a.m. in Atlantic City N. J. page three: Baby's weight: Seven and one half pounds. page four: Baby's parents: Louise M. (Burgers) Burn and Herbert A. Burn Grandparents: All Deceased. page five:Baby's first Outing: Thursday, March 24, 1910. Baby's First Tooth: Aug. 25, 1910, Lower Front. page six: Baby's first shoes: Aug. 12, 1910. Baby's first short clothes: July 3, 1910 page seven:Baby's first picture:, June 14, 1910. Baby's First Party, (blank) page eight: Baby's first word: Bye Bye. Baby's first Step: Thursday, March 23, 1911. Gifts: Baby Pins, Robe - Aunt L & R Ring & Robe - Aunt Lilian Napkins Holders - Mrs. Duncan Silver Spoon - Coz. Mary Rose Gold Spoon Dress & Book - Aunt Ella Hayes Dress & Sack - Aunt Ella Burn White Sack - Coz Annie Sille Pink Sack - Mrs. Wallace Pair Socks & ? - Mrs. Carroll Pair Socks - Mrs. Rickert Pair Socks - Mrs. B? Dress Cap & Sack - Aunt Olie Burn Dress- Aunt Mary Burn Pair Lap Rosettes - Miss Carn Buried - Cedar Hill Cemetery, Prince George County, Md.
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