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Marriage: Children:
  1. Vera Grace Day: Birth: Apr 03 1890 in Collins, Story, County, Iowa. Death: Jul 31 1921 in Rochester, Olmstead County, Minnesota

  2. Clarence Vernon Day: Birth: Sep 24 1892 in Collins, Story County, Iowa. Death: Mar 31 1982 in Mt. Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa

  3. Elsie Edna Day: Birth: Feb 22 1895 in State Center, Marshall County, Iowa. Death: Jun 30 1948 in Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa

  4. Earl Harold Day: Birth: Oct 13 1897 in Williams, Hamilton County, Iowa. Death: May 27 1977 in Mcintire, Mitchell County, Iowa

  5. Irene Leona Day: Birth: Aug 19 1902 in Williams, Hamilton County, Iowa. Death: Aug 06 1991 in Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota

  6. Arlyne Frances Day: Birth: Sep 02 1908 in Williams, Hamilton County, Iowa. Death: Jun 26 1976 in Sadelia, Pettis County, Missouri

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a. Note:   o Anthony (Anthony was mayor of Blairsburg forseveraltermsbetween1904 1nd 1 9 1 3 and also donated land to Blairsburgto builda parkthattoday still bears hi s n ame)and Betsy Jane CrouchHale inArlingtonHights,Cook County, Illinois on M a y 12, 1862.. Shealong withherbrother Howardand parents left Cook county alon g wi ththeir parentsonOctober 13, 1871the day of the great Chicago fire. Theyt r ave led inacovered wagondirectly to Story County,. Iowa where herfather bough t160a reas of rawprarie land. Alice married Issac Day ofCollins Iowa onMarch9th 1889. Theymade their home in Collins whereIsaac had a farmbeforemoving ne arWilliam s about 1896. They were theparents of 6children,Vera, Clarence,Elsi e, Earl, Ir ene, and Arlene.The last threebeing bornin Williams.Alice died Feb rua ry 14, 1 914 andis buried inBlairsburgCemetery alongwith her parents and hu sba nd.<br><br><br>Alice, the second child of th e AnthonyHa lefamily, became the wife ofIsaac Day. . . .` (`History ofHamilto nCounty 1912 )
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