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Marriage: Children:
  1. Howard Hale: Birth: Oct 10 1860 in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois. Death: Feb 04 1938 in Rhodes, Eden Township, Marshall County, Iowa

  2. *(Day) Alice Jane Hale: Birth: May 06 1862 in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois. Death: Feb 14 1928 in Blairsburg, Hamilton County, Iowa

  3. James Enoch Hale: Birth: Dec 17 1872 in Collins, Story County, Iowa. Death: Jan 27 1964 in Nevada, Story County, Iowa

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a. Note:   s born in Gloustershire EnglandSeptember20,1833.Anthony, hisfather and all o f his brothers were listedas coalminerswhile living inEngland for 1851 census . H e emigrated toAmerica inMay1851 aboard theship Andrew Foster along with hi s pa rentsAaronandElizabeth Morgan Haleand four of his siblings. After arrivin ginA mericaAnthony`s familysettled in Oswego County, New York untilOctober1858 w he nhe and his wife ofone year Betsy Jane Crouch daughterofWilliam B. andSusa n Ir elandCrouch, moved along with his fathertoArlington Hights,Cook County, Ill ino is. where he engaged indairyfarming, delivering milkto the Chicagoarea. He then on October 8th1871the day of the greatChicago fire leftArlington High ts, Illi noiswith hiswife Jane andchildren Howard andAlice, moving by covered wago nto StoryCounty, Iowawhere he purchased160 acres of raw prarie land . Heclear edthe land andbuilt himself afarm, on which he lived until May,1891when hesol d thef arm for thehighest price ever received in the area, 40dollerspera cre, a nd ret iredfrom farming. He then moved first toNevada wherehelived for threey ears t hen to State Center until 1891. Hewas anearnestadvocate of the Republica n Part y and while a resident ofStoryCounty aprominent factor inits co uncils. He had various publicofficesandserved for six years as amember of the board of countysupervisors.<br>Anthony and Jane then movedto Hamilton County where hissonHoward anddaughter Alice who marriedIsaac Day a native that count yhadmigr atedtoo. H e lived in Webster Cityfor three years where hewaspromine nt incivic life befor e moving 12miles east to Blairdburgwherehis son anddaugh ter lived. Hepurchased a very nice residence andbeinganadvocate of the R epublicanp arty Anthony bega n dabblinginlocalpoliticks. He served several ter msas mayer of Blairsburg whichresultedin many inprovements to the town.His so n Howard wa s alsomayorof Rho desfrom 1935 until his death in1938. Anthony dona ted land tothetown ofBlairsbu rg to build a parkwhich today still bears his name.Anthony diedat his home in B lairsburgFebruary 3,1913.<br>`Day`sUnforgotte n` Reginald Day 2006<br><br>Much of the aboveinformationtranscribed by Regi nald Day (g reatgreatgrandson) fro m adocument,which was not completely readab le,thought tohave been writtenby A liceHale for article which appeared inAlle nsHistory of StoryCounty, Iowa .The document was found withClearenceVernon Da y`s personalpapers uponhis death. Cla rence was theson ofAlice Hale who was t hedaughter ofAnthony Hale and grandfatherofReginaldDay<br><br>******************************************************** **************************<br>==================<b r>1860 censusWheeling tsp., Cook County, Illinois1028/989pag e 146<br>Anth ony Hale26 farmer En gland<br>Jane26 NewYork<br><br>1880 census Collinstsp., StoryCounty, Iowa page 18/9<br>Anthony Hale 46farmerEn g England En g<br>Jane47 w ife keep/houseNew York NewYo rkNew York<br>Alice 16 dau IllinoisEng NewYork<br>Howard 19sonIllinois England New York<br>James6 s onIllinois EngNewYork<br>from ReginaldDay<br><br>188 5cen sus Colli nstsp., Story County,Iowa page 1 8/9<br>Anthony Hale51 farmer England<br>Jane51 wife New York<br>Alice18 dauIllinois< b r>James 12 sonIllinois<br>from ReginaldDayrday1169@@ swbell.n et<br><br>1900 census State Center, Marshall,IowaRo llT623_448 Page: 1 0B<br>An thony Hale sept 1833 66headmar 42Eng England England<br>Jane mar 18 33 67 wifemar423-3 NewYork New York N ew York<br>from t<br><br>1910 census Blairsburg,HamiltonCounty,Iowa<br>An thony Hale 76 head mar 52EnglandEngland England<br>Jane 77 w ife mar 52NewYorkNew YorkNew York<br>from Reginald<br><br>ANTHONYHALE<br>An thony Hale was born inEnglanda nd Jane in New York. AnthonyHale cameto America at 18 years ofage withhis paren ts ( Aaron andElizabethMorgan Hale). After his marriagein NewYork State he remo ved toCookCounty, Illinois, and with his fathe rwherehe engaged in farming anddai rying on a place eighteen miles westofChica go and drove daily tothecity wit h milk. In 1871, on the day ofthegreat Chicago fire hestartedin a wagon for Iow a, coming directlytoStory County, where he purchasedone hundred sixty acres of rawprairieland. He set vigorously toworkand improved the property untilabou t1 891, when he disposed of itatforty dollars per acre. It was thefirstfarm t hat had been sold inthatimmediate action at an advancedprice andthe people of the neighborhooddeclared that forty dollars peracre waspreposterous and altogether t oohigh. However, it is notprobable that this opinion prevailstoday, as the sam e land could not bepurchased forless tha n one hundredand fortyor one h undred and fiftydollars peracre. The father rem oved tothe townof Nevada and l ater to State Center,but is now living with hiswife inWebster City. He is an earnestadv ocate of the Republican Partyand while a resident of StoryCounty a prominent fa ctor in its councils.He hadvarious pub lic officesand servedfor six years as a member of theboardof county supervisor s.(AllensHistory of Story County, Iowapp450-451) While living inArlingtonH ights, Illinois outside of ChicagoAnthony was Cloister ofFirstMethodist Churc h in Duton Illinois.PerEmil y Crouch Hale, sisterofAnthony`s wife Jane.
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