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Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry Crouch: Birth: May 08 1828 in Malta, Saratoga County, New York. Death: Sep 08 1912 in Volney, Oswego County, New York

  2. William Crouch: Birth: Oct 18 1829 in Malta, Saratoga County, New York. Death: Mar 09 1916 in Scriba, Oswego County, New York

  3. Mary Ann Crouch: Birth: May 25 1831 in Malta Saratoga County, New York. Death: Sep 19 1913 in Scribia, Oswego County, New York

  4. Betsey Jane Crouch: Birth: Mar 31 1833 in Malta, Saratoga County, New York. Death: Mar 18 1914 in Blairsburg, Hamilton County, Iowa

  5. Sarah M. Crouch: Birth: Mar 07 1836 in Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, New York. Death: Jun 11 1932 in Minetto, Oswego County, New York

  6. Phebe E. Crouch: Birth: Apr 05 1838 in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York. Death: Mar 12 1919 in Charlton, Saratoga County, New York

  7. Synthey Emily Crouch: Birth: Mar 28 1840 in Watertown, Jefferson County, New York. Death: Oct 29 1931 in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois

  8. Lorana Crouch: Birth: Apr 18 1842 in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York. Death: AFT Jun 1900 in Livingston County, Illinois

  9. Ellen Crouch: Birth: Jun 26 1844 in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York. Death: in Albany County, New York

  10. Malvina Crouch: Birth: Aug 31 1846 in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York. Death: AFT 1920 in Saratoga County, New York

  11. Rozella Crouch: Birth: Oct 06 1848 in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York. Death: Apr 04 1860 in Volney, Oswego County, New York

  12. Hulbert Brockway Crouch: Birth: May 01 1851 in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York. Death: May 1935 in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California

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a. Note:   te Ireland 12/2004I began checking it out. Fromwhat I havebeenable to assert ai n Susanwas born probably in Stillwater,SaratogacountyN.Y. as her father was liv ing there in both 1800 and 1810.By 1820John,Susans father had movedto Malt a, a lso in Saratoga CountyNew York.Sheand William Crouch weremarried in 1827 a lso probably inMalta. Theywereboth there along withsons William and Henry pe r 1830Malta census.Wenext have them inOrleans, Jefferson County in the 1840 a nd 185 0census.A lot of theirdescendants are burried in Mt. PleasantCemetery atScribia Oswego CountyNew York. It is possible they moved theresometimeafter the 1850 ce nsusand their children setteled there. FromGladysKerfein adescend ant o fWillia m Jr., we have learned from an oldfamilybiblebelonging toWilliam Jr.The birth D ates of William and Susanas wellasthe birthdatesof all of her c hildre n. One d aughter was foundlivingwithWilliam Jr. inthe 1860 census. Willi am was found wi dowed andlivingwithson Henry inthe 1855 Oswego census.<br>***************************************************************<br>JohnIreland had adaught erSusan w ho fits this Susan. They lived inMalta,Saratoga County,New Yorkin 1830. Will iam Crouch with 2 malesunder 5also lived there.In 1840 and 1850 I found William `s family inOleansJefferson County,NewYork.<br>Much of the infor mation I have beenworking on came fromMarkLorinIreland, who in the 1st half of the 20thcentur y did a lotofresearch ofthe family of Stephen Irela nd and Mary Cosman. One ofthepeople heinterviewed was a Daniel Bousman Irelan d,son of Ol iverIrelandand grandson of John and Anna Ingersoll Ireland.Daniel was in hiseightiesat the tim e. Daniel listed Susan as one ofJohn`s children, buthadnoothe r information on her. He said that JohnJr. married nearOswego,Mary daughter o f John Burroughs . There isburied in MtPleasantCemetery,Volney a John Ireland, but his wives`na mes were MalvinaSparksandElizabeth. The oth er child of John IrelandSr. who wa s inVolney wasMarywho 1st married David Wee d and 2nd marrie dan UnknownCrouch . DavidandMary are buried in Mt Pleasant Cem etery andit does n`tsay anythingab outher remarrying. I wonder if Daniel got hi saunts mixedup? `MargueriteIreland `<>12/2004<br>*************************************** ********************<br>I beliveMarguerite is correctin her aboveassumption and that an 80some year oldDaniel Ireland c ouldhave very wellof had his aunts mix edup in hisinterview with Mark LoinIre land, havingMary rather thanSusan asmar ried to a Crouch. Mary didmarry a sec ondtime however to aLeviWhitney. (Regin aldDay)<br><br>9/2005 I receivedfro m MarguriteIreland a list of 37 heirsof Wil liamIreland, Susansbrother. This listcontains all of Susanschildren andwould c onfirm Susanas sister ofWilliam and daughter of Johnand AnnaIngersoll Ireland9/2005<br><br>10/2005 From Jan 1 ,1887 Will ofWilliam Ireland,Susansbrother listi ngliving heirs.<br>Children o fdeceased sister SusanCrouch; Malvina Wiggins, H enry Crouch,WilliamCrouch, M ary A.Congdon,Sarah M . Hill, Ellen G(H)agadorn, B etseyJaneHale, Iowa; LoranaVant,Illinois.; Emily W arwick, Illinois. PhebeWager ,HulbertCrouch,Az.<br>(fr om---Cherrie Wells of Ka ty,Texas)<br><br>William widowed andliving with son Wi lliam in 1855 OswegoCou nty, NewYork census .It ispo ssible that Susan died of birthcomplicationsgiving birth toHulbertBrockway Crou ch.
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