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Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1764 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

  2. David Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1765 in New York. Death: 1785 in Kentucky, Killed by Indians

  3. Margaret H. Irwin: Birth: 28 APR 1766 in Near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Death: 4 OCT 1845 in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana

  4. John Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1767 in Northumberland, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania. Death: ABT. 1785 in Kentucky, Killed by Indians

  5. James Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1769 in Pennsylvania or Tennessee. Death: ABT. 1854 in Shelby County, Texas

  6. Elisabeth Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1771 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

  7. Alexander Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1776 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Death: ABT. 1865 in Sparta, White County, Tennessee

  8. William M. Irwin: Birth: AUG 1784 in Virginia. Death: 29 FEB 1864 in Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas

a. Note:   [wayne_irwin.FTW] (copy of a letter written to A. T. Irwin by his cousin Joseph A. Irwin, regarding The ancestors of Lovina Matilda Frew, nee Irwin) Luka, Illinois May 3, 1894 In 1876, I made a note of such items in regard to our ancestry as my father could give me, though some things he was not positive about. As he had it-- Richard Irwin (son of an Irish nobleman) and Ellen Henderson (daughter of Henderson Henderson, a very wealthy Scotchman) were betrothed in Europe (Scotland or Ireland) and married immediately after arriving in New York; settled in Pennsylvania; suffered pillage from The Torries in The Revolution; afterwards moved to Rockingham County, Virginia; thence to Jackson County, Tennessee, and about 1804 moved to White County, Tennessee. They had five sons and two daughtes, David, John, James, Margaret, Elizabeth, Alexander and William. David and John, The two eldest sons were sent to Kentucky to locate lands soon after The Revolutionary war, taking most of The Family wealth, --about $13,000.00-- were murdered by The Indians and lost everything. After hearing The fate of his sons, Richard Irwin moved to Virginia. Margaret their daughter, married a Mr. Sullivan and settled in Madison County, Ohio. Heard of one son named Jerry, a lawyer. Elizabeth married Edward Brady and settled in White County, Tennessee and had a large Family. James married Elizabeth Roberts; settled in Tennessee, moved to Texas; and died after a second marriage to a Mrs. Flinchum. Some of his Family lived near Dallas, Texas. William and Alexander gave The land for The Old Zion Church in Sparta. At The old graveyard there many of The Irwins are buried. It is a beautiful piece of property. Still some Irwin's living around there as well as Stewarts who are connected with The Irwins in Tennessee and Texas. Thomas B. Irwin, a descendant of Richard's through Alexander said that he had heard that Richard's parents were David and Margaret Berry Irwin from Armagh, Northern Ireland. Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania Book of Wills: Murry, Alexander, Tyboin April 11, 1793 May 31, 1793 Wife Agnes Daus. v12, Margart Nesbit, Mary Fisher, Isabella Murray and Jean McCree. Grandsons Alexander Fisher and Alexander Nesbit, minors. Lands up The river James and Margaret Irwin, heirs of Richard Irwin, dec'd. Land in Chillisquaka Creek Exs: wife, William Fisher, and Allen Nesbit Wit.: James McCree, Elonar McCree, E-298 Northumberland, Pennsylvania 1798 Reference is made to Richard Irwin land is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.