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Marriage: Children:
  1. Washington H. Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1813 in White County, Tennessee. Death: ABT. 1849 in Smith County, Tennessee

  2. Vetura M. Irwin: Birth: 29 MAR 1815 in White County, Tennessee. Death: 18 FEB 1889 in Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas

  3. Velera McDonald Irwin: Birth: 29 MAR 1815 in White County, Tennessee. Death: 16 MAR 1885 in Ovilla, Ellis County, Texas

  4. Lockhart Jefferson Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1817 in White County, Tennessee. Death: ABT. 1872 in Head's Prairie, Robertson County, Texas

  5. Rebecca Taylor Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1818 in White County, Tennessee. Death: 10 JUL 1881 in Johnson County, Texas

  6. Alexander Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1820 in White County, Tennessee. Death: ABT. MAR 1844 in Nacogdoches, Texas

  7. Margaret J. Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1821 in White County, Tennessee. Death: BEF. 1855 in Tennessee/Texas?

Marriage: Children:
  1. Susannah Hellen Irwin: Birth: ABT. 1841.

a. Note:   [wayne_irwin.FTW] A list of Captain Townsend's Company was drawn up by William Irwin in White County, TN for The 1812 tax list. Letter from William H. Irwin to his father William M. Irwin. (Back of page) Napolion Ark Jan. 8th. paid 25 To William Irwin Esqr White Cty Sparta Tenn Napolin Osana (?) Cty Arkansis January The 4th 1845 at The mouth of Arkensas River Dear Father I imbrace this opportunity to let you know that I have got this far on my way to Missouria I have had some defieenaly's (difficulties?) in getting on I got on The Boat Florance at The mouth of The Tennessee River and The River was veary low and She run on The rocks at The Grand Chain in The Ohio River and hung sum two or three hours and got off. She was veary heavy ladened and got along slow. Close at The Point of The Island No. 63 She run against a snag or planter and sunk in about ten minnets though The pilet had The good luck to gane The first at Mid way it was abot 7 or 8 feet watter at Bend next The Shore and about 50 yards to dry land, The passengers all had The good luck to get a shore safe in The yawl those wase 5 or 6 moverin Fammalys on Board in a Sum wharz about one hundred passengers on Board and a greate deal of freight of a bought 100 Hoggsheads of Tobaco & a bout 300 Bales of Cotten and quantity of Sack Corn. The Tobacco & corn will be lost but The Captain thinks he will save all The cotten above The hoal. thare wase a grate may women & childring on board. it was distresing time to heare The Captain telling all hands to get on The Haricane deck, with thame little childering hanin a round them. The most of The men they thought could of got out by getting on cotten bales if she had sunk in deep watter. It was about 75 milds above The mouth of Arkensas river. I got on a nother boat an went down to The Mouth. I expect to get on a nother boat as soon as I can to go to Little Rock. The River is veary low. I expect it will be a near bad chance to get up. I have had but little chance to look at The country yet but from what I have seen I think it is a grate deal better chance for a pore man than Tennessee. I saw a young man recently from Texas and he sade he live in Brasses County in a bout 6 milds of Lockhart. J. Irwin and knew him well. He says he is doing well. He says he married a very respectful old man's daughter and he says that Lockhart made a bout 4 or 5 bales of Cotten for market last yeare. I enquired for J. O. Taylor but could not heart of him. If I had money to travel on I would go and see that Country but I have not. I had 2 or 3 portions on The Steam Boat that made me a part of my expences. My expences on The two boats was 7.50 cabban fare. It is a veary easy way of traveling if those wase not so much danger. The Bell of Clarksvill was sunk by running against The boat Lusianna about 3 or 4 weaks a go. They sade she sunk in 2 minnets out of sight & drowded a bout 40 persons. I am as well as common at this time. Hope that these few lines may find you enjoying The same blessing. W. H. Irwin I shall all ways respect The officers of a boat Florance for those kindness to words The passengers in getting them and those bagage to Shore. Thare names is Falloz Pilet Stevens of Paduca Kcy Cleark Mr Grey of Florance Alabamma Matterson Irvin of Florance Alabamma Captain and clever Feller To William Irwin W. H. Irwin ************************************************************************** ************************************** The Last Will & Testament of William M. Irwin, Esq. In The Name of God amen I. William Irwin of The County of Ellis State of Texas being advanced in years but of sound mind and disposing memory - and knowing The uncertainty of life and The certainty of death do make and publish this my last will and testament as follows> I will and desire that all my just debts be paid I will and bequeath to my Grand Son William Irwin son of Washington H. Irwin - The sum of one hundred Dollars - I will and desire that all The land I may be seized and possed (possessed) of be sold by my Executors after The payment of The above bequest and The proceeds of The sale thereof ^ be divided equally between The felowing named heirs to wit My daughter Valery M. Stewart wife of L. W. Stewart My daughter Vetura M. Prince wife of J. E. Prince My Son Lockhart J. Irwin. My daughter Rebecca Grissom The children of my daughter Margaret Marchbanks - wife of Jasper Marchbank The said Margaret being Decd. and Susanah Helen McCory my daughter of my last wife - as I have made advancements to The following named heirs towit: To Rebecca Grissom I have advanced $300 Three Hundred Dollars & To Margarett Marchbanks $125 One hundred Dollars said advancements I wish my Executor to take into The account so that The division may be made equal-- I desire that my two Sons in law Larkin W. Stewart and Jonathan E. Prince act as The executors of this my last will and testament and I hereby appoint them my Executors -- In testimony whereof I hereunto ascribe my name at Waxahachie this The 21st day of June A D 1862 in The presence of Benj. F. Hawkins and Wilson Fulton who sign their names herto as witness at my request Witness. Interlineation made before signing -- Benj. F. Hawkins Wilson Fulton William Irwin The State of Texas I Benj. F. Hawkins do solemnly swear County of Ellis that I saw William Irwin sign his name to The foregoing instrument of writing and heard him declare that he executed The same as his last will and testament that I ascribe my name thereto as a witness at his request in his presence and in The presence of Wilson Fulton The documenting witness and that I swear that The said William Irwin was then and there of sound mind and disposing memory so help me God ---- Subscribed and sworn to before me in this Court this The 28th day March Benj. F. Hawkins A D 1864 Subscribed and sworn to and before me this The 28 day of March 1864 Ellis Brock ?Chief Gastig ?? Elect ************************************************************************** ************************************* Dear Son is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.