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Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel Creelman: Birth: 31 Oct 1783 in Truro (Town/Ville), Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada. Death: 11 Oct 1841 in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, Canada

  2. James Campbell Creelman: Birth: 1 Jun 1785 in Truro (Town/Ville), Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  3. Matthew Creelman: Birth: 6 Oct 1788 in Black Rock, Colchester, Nova Scotia.

  4. Esther Creelman: Birth: 23 Sep 1796 in Otter Brook, Upper Stewiacke, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia. Death: 7 Oct 1873 in Wenham, Massachusetts, USA

  5. Margaret Creelman: Birth: 7 Mar 1798.

  6. William Francis Creelman: Birth: 30 Nov 1800.

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