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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hannah Lowrance: Birth: ABT 1772 in Rowan Co Nc.. Death: AFT 1850 in Union Co. Illinios

  2. Joel Lowrence: Birth: 20 Dec 1776 in Rowan Co., North Carolina. Death: Jun 1853 in Bedford Co., North Carolina

  3. Elizabeth Lowrance: Birth: 28 Dec 1779. Death: WFT Est 1780-1873

  4. Daniel L. Lowrance: Birth: 7 Jul 1785. Death: WFT Est 1786-1875

  5. Joseph A. Lowrance: Birth: 1787. Death: WFT Est 1788-1877

  6. Hannah Nichols Lowrance: Birth: 5 Aug 1789. Death: WFT Est 1790-1883

  7. Abraham Lowrance: Birth: 1792. Death: WFT Est 1793-1882

  8. Kezia Lowrance: Birth: 1792. Death: WFT Est 1793-1886

  9. John M. Lowrance: Birth: 1799. Death: WFT Est 1800-1889

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