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  1. James Paxton: Birth: 1640 in Central England. Death: ABT 1720 in Ireland

  2. Hugh Paxton: Birth: 1654 in Central England. Death: 1700 in Maryland

a. Note:   Information on the PAXTON family was given to me by: Donna Paxton <> February 22, 2007 6th Century (500's) Paxtons settled in Berwickshire, Scotland. Their name was first Pac-cingas-town then Packington, then Packson. Paxtons comes from the Saxon word for �gardiner'. In 1250 A.D. the name became Paxton. Robert Paxton was prior of St. John of Jerusalem in Scotland in 1296. Robert and Nicol dePaxton did honor to Edward II. William DePaxton owned large estates in Northumberland, England . When he went to Scotland his estate in England was seized. This land was later restored to Luc, the wife of Roger dePaxton. Adam de Paxton sold 1/3rd of Paxton, Berwickshire, Scotland in neight of Alexander III and held Barrington by a charter from Robert II. In 1337 the lands were taken by Edward III and granted to another Berwickshire, maritime county of Scotland, was separated from England by the Tweed Berwick Castle. Paxtons were one of the original families that colonized England after the departure of the Romans (Widderburn and Paxton Castle). Paxton Coat of Arms 1250 A.D David de Paxton. Motto: "Industry Enriches". Paxtons settled in Bedford, Buckingham and Oxford Shires, England. They were victims of religious persecution and the enemy of tyrants and were driven from their ancestral home. In Berwick, Scotland they found refuge and in Central England cast their lives with Cromwell. One Paxton officiated at the execution of Charles I in 1649. After the Restoration in 1660 James fled the country to Antrim in Northern Ireland to a Scotch-Irish settlement. The town of Finmore was an ancestral home of the Paxtons �chief among the yeomen of Finmore was the family of Paxton" Sir Joseph Paxton (1803-1865) native of Bedfordshire, England. The Duke of Devonshire liked Paxton's ornamental gardening so well that Joseph was hired and became the superintendent of the Duke's garden. Later, Joseph constructed The Crystal Palace of glass and iron for the Queen and King of England was given the title of "Sir". A part of the English family gave their adhesion to William Penn, became Quaker, and came to America in 1682. They mostly changed their name to "Paxson". is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.