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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Wyman: Birth: 5 APR 1618 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. Death: MAR 1677 in Braughing, Hertfordshire, England

  2. Francis Wyman: Birth: 20 FEB 1619 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. Death: 28 NOV 1699 in Woburn, Massachusetts

  3. John Wyman: Birth: 3 FEB 1621 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. Death: 9 MAY 1684 in Woburn, Massachusetts

  4. Richard Wyman: Birth: 14 MAR 1623 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. Death: 26 MAR 1645 in Braughing, Hertfordshire, England

  5. Elizabeth Wyman: Birth: 26 MAY 1626 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England.

  6. William Wyman: Birth: 31 AUG 1628 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. Death: JUL 1630 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England

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Note:   Information on the WYMAN family was given to me by: Stephen Robbins <> December 13, 2004 COMMENTS/NOTES: Francis Wyman (Wymant) was born and raised in Barkway. Following his marriage, he moved to his wife�s community, Westmill, some ten miles from Barkway. At least two of his sons (Francis and John) became tanners, perhaps receiving some early training in the nearby town of Buntingford (two miles from Westmill), a noted English center of the tanning and hide industry. His enthusiasm for the Established Church in Westmill appears to have been modest; for 11 consecutive years (1623-1633) he resfused to pay his tithes (the local vicar was required to collect them judicially). Following his death, his eldest son received the Westmill farm (which remained in the family until 1815). Francis Jr and John joined their uncles (Ezekial, Samuel and Thomas Richardson) in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. SOURCES: C. E. Wyman, Genealogy of the Wyman Family, Herald Book and Job Printing House, Grand Haven, MI, 2883 reprinted by the New England Genealogical Society (NEHGS), Boston, MA; George S. Brown, �Yarmouth Genealogies,� (The Wyman Family, No. 66), The Yarmouth Herald, reprinted by The Genealogical Publishing House, Baltimore, MD (Martha and William Reamy, eds), 1993; F. E. Crowell, �New Englanders in Nova Scotia,� The Yarmouth Herald, available from the Yamouth County Museum Archives, 22 Collins Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, B5A 3C8, Canada; John H. Wyman, �The Ancestors of Letitia Wyman,� Wyman Family Association, 1998. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.