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1. Title:   Census Federal, 1900
Page:   See Verification 4 for more details.
2. Title:   Census Federal, Soundex 1910
Page:   See Soundex 1910 at Verification 4
3. Title:   Lapp, Carol A. Family File On RootsWeb
Note:   NS8918681 NS8918682 NS8918683
4. Title:   Dale2.FTW
5. Title:   Dripps Matthew E2.FTW
6. Title:   Bible, Family
7. Title:   Census Federal, 1900
Page:   Roll T623-1393, S.D. 2, E.D. 87, Sheet 3, Page 137A
8. Title:   Obituary
9. Title:   Newspaper

a. Note:   NI105190
Note:   1874 Lizzie was born 10 January 1874 in Pennsylvania, the 4th of 15 children. 1880 Census shows Lizzie residing in Bart, Pennsylvania with parents and siblings. 1900 Census shows Lizzie's occupation, at age 26, as laborer Worstrd. 1908 On 06 Nov 1908, at time of father's death, Lizzie resided in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. 1923 On 7 May 1923, at time of mother's death, Lizzie resided in Darby, Pennsylvania. 1926 On 19 Aug 1926, at time of sister Elizabeth's death. the following siblings were listed in the obituary: Elmer D. (Coatesville), Mrs. Elsie R. George (Coatesville), Harry Dripps (Lancaster), Mrs. Grace Crossan (Claymont), and Frank Dripps (Darby). Daughters Elizabeth was listed as residing in Chester, and Mabel was listed as residing in Darby. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.