Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Rose Ann McBurney was born 17 MAR 1855. She was the daughter of Robert Fleming McBurney and Elizabeth Wilson.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Robert Fleming McBurney was born 3 SEP 1827 in Anton, Ireland, and died 30 SEP 1870 in Humbird, Wisconsin.

Elizabeth Wilson was born 26 NOV 1830 in Loyalhanna, Pennsyvlania, and died 27 JUL 1902 in Derry Station, Pennsyvlania.

Children of Elizabeth /Wilson/ and Robert Fleming /McBurney/ are:
  1. Rose Ann McBurney was born 17 MAR 1855.

  2. Maria Jane McBurney was born 23 APR 1857.

  3. Anna Eliza McBurney was born 29 SEP 1859 in Near New Derry, Pennsylvania, and died 17 APR 1890 in Braddock, Pennsylvania.

  4. William Gilsen McBurney was born 10 MAY 1861 in New Derry, Pennsylvania, and died 22 JAN 1902 in Ellsworth, Alleghenny County, Pennsylvania. He married Evelyn Ada Stimmel on FEB 1884 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. She was born 18 MAY 1866 in Hilliside, Pennsylvania, and died 11 NOV 1936 in Englewood, Kansas.

  5. Mary Catherine McBurney was born 2 JUL 1864.

  6. Thomas Hughs McBurney was born 20 JUL 1867.

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