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  1. Alice Mack: Birth: 29 JUL 1907. Death: 1997

  2. Eva Mack: Birth: 2 FEB 1909. Death: 1997

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a. Note:   Information given to me by: Kate & David Clabough <> March 4, 2002 By Alice Mack Turner: Grandpa Ryan died in a fire on March 21, 1919 in his home on James Street in Kansas City, Kansas. For many years afterward, I had nightmares about it. I just couldn�t get the sight of his black burned body out of my mind. Grandpa suffocated to death one night when he had gone to sleep with his pipe in his mouth. The woolen blankets had smoldered and he was overcome with smoke and couldn�t get out of bed. His dog Brownie died in the fire too. When the firemen found the little dog she still had a piece of blanket in her mouth. Brownie was written up as a hero trying to save her owner. She was buried in the casket with Grandpa. An anonymous neighbor sent a horseshoe shaped wreath of flowers for the dog�s funeral. For many years, Grandpa�s awful black charred face haunted my sleep. By Alice Mack Turner: (Daughter of Henry Mack) Papa�s dad, Michael McNamara, was born and raised in County Clare, Ireland. He came to the United States in 1868 after his wife died. I never did know her name. I was told she was accidentally shot by their oldest daughter and the family came to the States to forget the tragedy and build a new life. Being what they called shanty Irish, Michael was very poor and uneducated like many of his fellow countrymen. According to family legend, while Michael was waiting in the emigration line at Ellis Island, he found that there was a possibility that he might not be allowed to enter because he was unable to write his name. A German emigrant, also waiting in line, helped him learn to spell Mack. From that time on, he used that as his surname. He worked nearly a year to earn the money to pay the steerage fare for passage for his mother and children from Ireland. His wages were lunch, beer and 10 cents a day. My papa, Henry, was only five years old and his brother Martin was seven when they finally made the voyage to America. Their four isters Bridget, Margaret, Mary, and Annie and Michael�s aged mother accompanied them. Papa never talked much about his childhood except to say it was hard and they were very poor. In later life, Martin was the only family member that ever contacted Papa. He had kept the name McNamara. He considered it a matter of pride. I heard once that he had fallen in love with my mother�s sister, Elizabeth (Betty) Lucinda Ryan. She died from pneumonia at the age of seventeen [in some places she writes that Betty died at 18 and sometimes she says her middle name was Ann]. Uncle Martin never married and died a bachelor. We always thought that was really sad. By: Alice Mack Turner Sometimes Mama was downright mean. I wasn't there when Papa died but Mae said he asked for a priest and Mama wouldn't let him have one. She said he wasn't a Catholic no more after they got married. He died on April 12, 1933. Mama and Papa got married in the courthouse in Leavenworth, Kansas on December 24, 1885. They had been married 48 years. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.