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1. Title:   Family Files -- DeCarufel Robert
Author:   Compiled by Robert DeCarufel
Publication:   Robert DeCarufel (Quebec, Canada)
2. Title:   Internet
Page:   Message Board. Author: Cindy
Author:   Private researchers, hobbyists

a. Note:   ... born January 16, 1884. She had 3 daughters, Marie Gareau, Beatrice Terrien, and Annette Hainey Travers. She also had 2 sons, Leo and James Sylvestre... She left Canada and settled in Pawtucket, Rhode Island when she was 26 years old. When she passed away on October 7, 1978 she had 49 grandchildren, 60 great-great grandchildren and 11 great-great grandchildren. (Source: [email protected])
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