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Note:   (J. Brannan) "This younger Nicholas and his wife, Johanna, were first cousins. She was the daughter of Peter George, a brother of Nick 2nd, and Barbara Welter. The first-born daughter of young Nicholas and Johanna was named Mary, and she married Patrick Diskin in St. Paul, Kansas, in 1891. Nicholas died in 1897 and is buried in St. Francis cemetery in St. Paul, under a gravestone that also was to have included his wife, Johanna. But that side of the gravestone is uninscribed because Johanna went first to to California, then on to Canada after some of her children moved to the West. And as [I had] noted, Johanna died there.
Mary and Patrick Diskin lived long lives in St. Paul, raised cattle and bought up much of the George landholdings around there after the Georges began to disperse. Their grandson, Frank Diskin, is a near life-long friend of mine, and I know most of the other Diskins as well. Frank and his wife currently live here in Kansas City, where he is the athletic director of Rockhurst University."
(George notes)
Nicholas A. George Gone Hence
The uncertainties of life were strikingly brought to the people of this city and vicinity, by the almost sudden death of Nicholas A. George last Saturday evening.
For more than a quarter of a century Mr. George had resided on a farm a few miles southeast of this city. Everybody within a radius of many miles knew him, and all spoke well of him. He was gentleman in every respect and this prominent characteristic of the man endeared the people to him. Mr. George was noted for his thrift and enterprise. His was one of the best equipped and best paying farms this locality, and on it he had made -- sum sufficient to leave his family in comfortable circumstances. As a dairy farmer, Mr. George had no peers in southeastern Kansas. He long ago realized the fruitfulness of the industry and at once engaged in it. He was one of the first and always the heaviest patron of the St. Paul Creamery.
Mr. George was born in Wyoming county, New York, February 19, 1843. Here he grew-up and was educated. When a young man he spent some time in Wisconsin, but returned to New York early in the year of 1869, where he was united in marriage to Miss Jane George, who with an interesting family survives him. In April 1869, Mr. and Mrs. George deciding to seek their fortune in the then far off west, came to Kansas and located.
During the last half score years of life Mr. George had been afflicted with rheumatism, but this summer he had felt many times better than usual and every indication pointed to several years of useful life yet. But such was not the case. Last Friday Mr. George was in the city, transacted his business as usual, with no idea of what the next few hours had in store for him. During the following night he was taken by a severe attack of cramps, from which he never recovered. although medical assistance was procured with all possible speed, he soon became unconscious. all efforts to revive him seemed baggled. At seven o'clock Saturday evening, October 9, 1897, death brought an end to his sufferings. Aged -- years, 7 months and 20 days.
The funeral was held at the Catholic church at 10 o'clock A.M. Monday. The large church was well filled with those who had come to pay their last respects to the memory of one they had known so well. It is said to have been one of the most largely attended funerals ever held here. The remains now rest in the Catholic cemetery.
Tree available in George data.
1870 Mission, Neosho, KS
George Nicolas A 26 NY
Jane 22 NY 1880 Grant, Crawford, Kansas
Nicholas A. George Self Male M W 37 NY Occ: Farmer Fa: BADEN Mo: BADEN
Jane George Wife Female M W 32 NY Occ: K House Fa: BADEN Mo: BADEN
Mary George Dau Female S W 9 KS Fa: NY Mo: NY
Kate George Dau Female S W 5 KS Fa: NY Mo: NY
Leopold George Son Male S W 4 KS Fa: NY Mo: NY
Martha George Dau Female S W 2 KS Fa: NY Mo: NY
Delia George Dau Female S W 9M KS
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