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Marriage: Children:
  1. Edward Francois Xavier Kepperan: Birth: 2 Nov 1878 in St Anicet, Qu�bec.

  2. Tr fl Joseph Sauvage: Birth: 13 Feb 1881 in St Anicet, Qu�bec.

  3. David Octave Kepperan: Birth: 19 Feb 1883 in St Anicet, Qu�bec.

  4. Jean Ludger Capron: Birth: 11 Aug 1885 in St Anicet, Qu�bec.

  5. Edmond Joseph Sauvage: Birth: 22 Apr 1888 in Qu�bec.

  6. Ernest Sauvage: Birth: Abt 1891. Death: 2 Jan 1897 in St Anicet, Qu�bec

  7. Rozario Napol on Sauvage: Birth: 23 Apr 1893 in St Anicet, Qu�bec. Death: 28 May 1894 in St Anicet, Qu�bec

  8. Marie Rose Anna Sauvage: Birth: 18 Apr 1895 in St Anicet, Qu�bec.

1. Source:   S81
2. Title:   Microfilm des B.M.S. de St Anicet, Qu�bec ( 1825-1899 )
Source:   S72
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Name:   Not Given
RepositoryId:   R50
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