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a. Note:   Dyersville: Its History and its People (Published in 1939) Frank Vorwald was born at Iowa City, September 5, 1844. His parents were Francis Vorwald, the renowned and beloved schoolmaster of pioneer days, and Anna Scherbrock Vorwald, who moved to Dixon Settlement with their family in 1851. Frank Vorwald married Mary Scher who was born at Frederick City, Maryland on February 27, 1845. Mary Scher was the first teacher Father Kortenkamp engaged when he opened St. Francis Parochial School in 1863. She also played the organ and directed the choir in St. Francis Church during her term of teaching and even after her marriage. She was an able equestrienne and often she rode horseback from her farm at McKee Settlement to church to play for church services. Mr. and Mrs. Vorwald were married on February 12, 1867 at the Cathedral in Dubuque, Iowa. Some time soon after marriage they settled on their farm in McKee Settlement directly across the road from St. Francis School (rural). Frank Vorwald's father taught this school at that time and Mrs. Catherine Vorwald Nebel relates how her father worried about the safety of Grandfather Vorwald living alone in the schoolhouse during the hard winter nights. The Vorwald children at times slept in the school with their grandfather that they might call for help if any misfortune should overtake the venerable gentleman. Francis Vorwald was the type of Catholic layman of which the late Holy Father Pius XI said the church and society stand in need at this world crisis. He taught three different schools and at each school he set up a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a little chapel. At St. Francis School he also provided an altar and all appurtenances for Holy Mass, which was read there the first time by Bishop Luers of Fort Wayne, Indiana. When there was a death at some home within his school district, Teacher Vorwald would take the school children to that bereaved home to recite the rosary for the dead. The rosary was likewise recited on the way both going and returning. About 1883 the Vorwalds moved to a farm southeast of Dyersville, the present Aloys A. Klostermann farm, section 16, Dodge Township. Frank Vorwald died here January 1, 1916. Their children: Catherine (Mrs. John Nebel), Anna (Mrs. Tom Conrad), Emma (Mrs. Tony Hesselmann), Frances (Mrs. Joe Schulte), John, Joe, Fred, Frank, and Eleanor (Mrs. Harry May). On August 24, 1923, Mary Scher Vorwald died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Nebel, who cared for her in her last years. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.