Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Person Not Viewable . He/She was the son/daughter of Frank Schultz and Margaret Blume.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Frank Schultz was born in Paderborn, Germany, and died ABT. 1886 in Dyersville, Iowa.

Margaret Blume was born 11 NOV 1810 in Arron, Kreis Buren, Germany, and died 27 MAY 1886 in Dyersville, Iowa.

Children of Margaret /Blume/ and Frank /Schultz/ are:
  1. Catherine Schultz was born 5 APR 1842 in Paderborn, Germany, and died 11 SEP 1901 in Dyersville, Iowa. She married Henry Holscher on 20 NOV 1860. He was born 23 FEB 1832 in Telgte, in Westphalia, Prussia, and died 21 FEB 1883.

  2. Herman Schultz was born ABT. 1853, and died 1 MAR 1901 in Remsen, Iowa. He married Margaret Mary Meis on ABT. 1874 in Dyersville, Iowa. She was born 20 APR 1856, and died 29 APR 1929 in Remsen, Iowa. She was buried in Remsen, Iowa.

  3. John Schultz was born 28 NOV 1855 in Dyersville, Iowa, and died AFT. 1939. He married Catherine Schon on 26 FEB 1878 in Dyersville, Iowa -- St. Francis Church. She was born 8 DEC 1853, and died 15 APR 1913 in Dubuque, Iowa.

  4. Henry Schultz was born in Paderborn, Germany, and died 3 JAN 1898. He married Person Not Viewable .

  5. Person Not Viewable .

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