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a. Note:   NI19162
Note:   Dyersville: Its History and its People (Published in 1939) George Schindler was born of Mr. and Mrs. George Schindler, Sr. on the present Joe Langel farm, the old Schindler homestead, on September 21, 1849. In 1870 he married Catherine Steger, born November 20, 1851 in Iowa Township, Dubuque County, Iowa of George Steger and his wife, Anna Maria, nee Hutteerer. He farmed the Schindler homestead until he retired from active work in 1901 but continued living with his son Joseph, who worked the farm for another three years. in 1904, when Joseph Schindler moved to Dyersville, George Schindler moved with them and has lived with them ever since. The last few years he has spent most of his time with his son, Frank X., in South Dakota. Mr. Schindler has today at the age of ninety years a delightful youthfulness of mind and a remarkable clearness of memory. It is to him that the author of this history is most indebted for the information contained in the chapter, "Organization of St. Francis Xavier Parish," and the story of those six years of mystery, 1856-1862. Not only mentally but physically he is hale and hearty; "better on his pins that I am," testifies his son. At the age of eighty-eight he still undertook to drive a car alone on a journey from South Dakota to Dyersville, Iowa. Mrs. Schindler died July 31, 1900. Their children were: Frank X., Joseph, Mary (Mrs. Jos. Pfab), and a child that died in infancy. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.