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Marriage: Children:
  1. Frederic Roling: Birth: 29 SEP 1867 in New Vienna, Iowa. Death: 4 DEC 1951 in Remsen, Iowa

  2. Anton Roling: Birth: 24 AUG 1869 in New Vienna, Iowa. Death: 14 JUL 1961 in Dubuque, Iowa

  3. Katharine Roling: Birth: 28 FEB 1873 in Iowa. Death: 27 JAN 1935

  4. Henry A. Roling: Birth: 28 DEC 1873 in Iowa. Death: 17 AUG 1944

  5. John Roling: Birth: 20 SEP 1880 in New Vienna, Iowa. Death: 6 FEB 1936

  6. Josephine Roling: Birth: 12 AUG 1965 in Iowa. Death: 4 DEC 1945

a. Note:   Note: All information on the ancestors of Theresia Halbur was obtained from Patricia Groepper Walker. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unity in Community -- St. Boniface Parish 150 years -- New Vienna 100 years 1895-1995. John Bernard Roling was born in Hanover, Germany on November 1, 1821 and died in New Vienna, Iowa on February 12, 1901. He came to America in 1850 and married Elizabeth Schwabe on January 29, 1856, at St. Boniface Church in New Vienna. She was born in 1825 and died March 13, 1864. Children born of this union were Mary (Mrs. Henry Sabers), Bernard; and Anna ( Mrs. Wm. Sabers). John then married Theresa Halbur in 1864. She was born October 26, 1840, and died November 1, 1897. She is buried in New Vienna. Children born to this union are Josephine; Fred, Remsen, Iowa; Anton of New Vienna, Iowa; Margareth (Mrs. Michael Puetz); John and Theresa (both died in February of 1879). Another child, Henry Adolph, born December 28, 1873. John and Theresia are buried in New Vienna, Iowa. Their stones are Mother and Father just above the stone for Henry Roling. -------------Following notes obtained from Patricia Groepper Walker----------------------- Anna Maria (known as Theresia) - Anna Maria Lutke Halbur was born 26 Oct. 1840 in Beelen. This is the same birthplace given for Theresia Halbur Roling in a New Vienna parish census & on her memorial card. The memorial card gives "Behren' a Theresia's birthplace. -Theresia Halbur married John Bernard Roling (also spelled Rohling) on 19 Jan. 1864 at New Vienna. (This was Bernard's 2nd marriage) - Date of immigration is uncertain but her brother immigrated in 1850. Baptized Anna Maria - per Sister Connie Halbur. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Name Halbur: The name Halbur was spelled numerous ways on the Beelen church records: Halbur Halbuhr Halbuer Halbour Halberg Halb-bauer Halbauer Halhbur Halhbuer Hallbaur Hallebaur Hallbaurs Hallbuer Hal_buer(middle letter vague) Most of the spellings from the earlier years resembled "Halb-bauer" more closely than those of later years. This suggest that when the name first became associated with our ancestors, probably around 900 AD, they were "halb-bauers", that is, small farmers of the middle class of peasants ( half free peasants) who owned half the number of animals needed to perform the labor obligations on the lord�s estate. (Source: The End of the Old Order in Rural Europe, by Jerome Blum.) There may also have been some connection with the amount of land owned. The conventional land unit in feudal Germany was the "hufe" (source of the modern German word for farm-"hof"). Originally this may have been enough to support and extended family, with the actual amount varying from place to place. In the Beelen area, a "hufe" was about 30 acres. A land became scarce, a "hufe" was sometimes divided into halves or even quarter - or less! Grosse and Lutke Grosse means larger, taller, older, senior, greater, etc. Lutke is a Low German word meaning lesser, younger, junior, etc. Its High German counterpart is "Klein". In the church records these prefixes began to appear before the Halbur name at the end of the 1600�s, but they were used in civil records for hundreds of years before that, at least as early as 1234. S Connie learn that the use of these prefixes usually began when a father wished to divide his land between two sons. The elder son would be called Gross ( whatever the surname was), while the younger son would be called Lutke ( surname). The land also became know by that name. In fact, naming the land was in many areas more important than naming the people whoever owned the land had to take the name of the land. S Connie learn later another interruption of Grosse and Lutke -- the Archdiocese of Munster: If there were two farms near each other with the same name, e.g. farms named Halbur, the bigger one would be called Grosse Halbur and the smaller one would be called Lutke Halbur. Genannt Ordinarily, this term was used after a man�s name when he changed his surname to that of his wife because she had inherited the family estate. As indicated above, the name of the person had to be the same as the name of the land. The term was also used occasionally on women�s death records. The woman�s maiden name would be given first, then "genannt", and finally, her husband�s surname. "Genannt" can be translated as "known as". Land Name: The land had the name, mainly in the area of Germany of Westphalia & Hannover. Whoever lived on the land used the name of the land. When a new owner purchased the land they took the name of the land. Places: Beleen is in what is now the province (state) of Nordrhein-Westfalen, West Germany. About 20 miles east, and a little south of Munster, Present population, about 4,400. The town and parish date back to 920. Clarholz (also spelled Klarholz) Is about 4 miles east of Beleen on Highway 64. Ankum is in the province of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), West Germany. About 50 miles north of Beleen, about 40 miles northwest of Osnabruck. Present population about 4,00. Hannover is a state which is now called Niedersachsen (Lower Saxon). Reichenberg Formerly in Bohemia, Austria. Now in Czechoslovakia. Now known as Liberec. In northernmost part of country, very close to the east German and Polish borders. Present population about 75,000. Halbur Is in central Iowa, about 8 miles south of Carroll and 2 miles west of Roselle. When B Heinrich Halbur and his brother , Anton, settled, there was no town. The railroad company wished to have a station about midway between Carroll and Manning. B Anton Halbur donated land for the station and town in 1881. The town is named after him. Present population is about 240. S Connie drew the farms of the Halburs. Her drawing and notes are from 1980. (Drawing on the following page.) Source of this document - Sister Connie Halbur Date : 1980 - 1998 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.