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1. Source:   Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Nov 14, 2000, Internal Ref. #

a. Note:   ARTICLE FROM "CANISTOTA -- OUR HERITAGE AND HISTORY 1884-1984", PUBLISHED ON THE OCCASION OF THE CENTENNIAL OF THE CITY OF CANISTOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA IN JULY 1984. HERMAN "PETE" HOITEN, SON OF JOHN E. AND THEDA BUSS HOITEN WAS BORN MARCH 20, 1897 NEAR CANISTOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA. PETE HAD TWO BROTHERS AND SEVEN SISTERS. ON JULY 20, 1921 HE MARRIED MABLE WITROCK, THE DAUGHTER OF THEIS AND AMELIA WITROCK. MABLE DIED IN 1970 AT THE AGE OF 67. IN 1974 PETE MOVED INTO TIESZEN MEMORIAL HOME IN MARION, SOUTH DAKOTA. PETE SPENT MANY HOURS WORKING IN THE GARDEN IN THE SUMMER. HE ALSO PLAYED THE DRUMS WITH MARION'S "OLD TIMER'S BAND". PETE DIED JANUARY 26, 1982. ------------------------------------------------------------ Social Security Death Index: U.S. Individual: Hoiten, Herman Social Security #: 503-42-9919 SS# issued in: South Dakota Birth date: Mar 20, 1897 Death date: Jan 1982 Residence code: South Dakota ZIP Code of last known residence: 57043 Primary location associated with this ZIP Code: Marion, South Dakota ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.